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The Circle Tower, officially named Kinloch Hold, is Ferelden's regional headquarters for the Circle of Magi. It is located on Lake Calenhad, and accessed only by its docks. As per Chantry and local law, human and city elf citizens of Ferelden with magical potential are brought here to be imprisoned for most of their lives and instructed in the legally-approved Schools of Magic, and (ideally) trained to resist demons (who seek especially to possess living mages).

Apprentices and the majority of the Circle's impressive library are housed on the first floor, while full mages live on the second floor, which also contains the stockrooms, enchanters' laboratories, the Chantry, and more libraries. The third floor consists mostly of meeting rooms and assembly spaces, as well as a few personal quarters, presumably for the senior enchanters. The templars live and train on the fourth floor, while the pinnacle of the tower, accessible only from the Templar Quarters, contains the Harrowing Chamber. Each floor is dozens of feet high. The tower also features a secure basement, which houses the repository, a vault for dangerous artifacts, and, prior to 9:30 Dragon, the phylacteries of apprentices. Beneath the tower there is also an extensive network of caves which part of it is used by the tower as storage space.

A small trading hamlet has developed on the shore to facilitate trade and to maintain a ferry to the tower, which was originally reached by a massive bridge (now in ruins). Visitors are few and far between, however, as most come either to learn magic or to watch over those who do.


Since it is best known as the Tower of the Circle of Magi these days, many people forget that the great tower sitting in the middle of Lake Calenhad existed long before the Circle.

Painting depicting Kinloch Hold

More commonly referred to as the Tower of the Circle of Magi or the Circle Tower, Kinloch Hold existed long before the Circle was founded. Built by the Avvars along with some help from dwarves, it was long considered impregnable—until the Tevinter Imperium drove the Avvars from it in a brutal campaign.

The tower was thought to be cursed, and was widely shunned even before the Circle of Magi moved there in 3:87 Towers after its tower in Denerim was razed.[1]


Dragon Age: The Stolen Throne[]

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Dragon Age: The Stolen Throne.

Maric Theirin visits Kinloch Hold in the end of the Blessed Age in order to meet with Grand Cleric Bronach who he knew was there. Bronach mentions that if she had a proper honor guard, she would have captured Maric and asks him to surrender, but the young rebel prince refuses. Even if the meeting did not help either side of the rebellion, Bronach—one of the most important figures of the kingdom—formed an opinion about Maric Theirin.

Dragon Age: The Calling[]

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Dragon Age: The Calling.

King Maric Theirin along with a group of Grey Wardens visited Kinloch Hold in 9:10 Dragon. There, in a small ceremony in front of the Circle, they were given black brooches which would allow them to not be sensed by the darkspawn, and Maric was given some rare potions which would allow him to resist the darkspawn corruption. Duncan also slipped into the upper levels of the tower and stole an ebony-black dagger from the chest in First Enchanter Remille's room.

While the Grey Wardens and Maric were underground, Remille along with the help of other Orlesian Circle mages and templars, managed to take over the tower and imprison everyone else in the dungeons. However, Teyrn Loghain who was already suspicious of the Orlesians, quickly took notice of this development. In the meantime, Remille captured Maric, Duncan and Fiona who fled Kul-Baras and brought them back to the Circle Tower where the Architect, Bregan, Genevieve and Utha were waiting for them. Eventually this meeting turned into a brawl which ended with Maric, Fiona and Duncan surviving and Utha and the Architect fleeing. In the meantime Fereldan troops led by Teyrn Loghain assaulted the Tower and freed it from those who took it over.

Dragon Age: Origins[]

Magi Origin[]

Main article: Magi Origin

A Circle mage will go through their Harrowing at the Circle Tower and later encounter Duncan, Ferelden's Warden-Commander here.

Broken Circle[]

Main article: Broken Circle

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Dragon Age: Origins.

When the Warden comes to the Tower seeking aid against the Fifth Blight, it is discovered that the Circle has been overrun by demons and abominations. Due to the Templars having been taken unawares and scattered, it is up to the Warden and their allies to either save the mages or purge the tower. In the former case, the mages will join the Grey Wardens against the Blight; in the latter, the Templars will instead.

Witch Hunt[]

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Witch Hunt.

The Warden-Commander visits the Tower along with Ariane and Dog while In Search of Morrigan. There, Knight-Captain Hadley will greet them. Sandal with his father's stock is also present in the Apprentice Quarters.


Dragon Age Keep concept art of Kinloch Hold

Storage Caves Storage Caves
Tower Basement Tower Basement
Apprentice Quarters Apprentice Quarters
Senior Mage Quarters Senior Mage Quarters
The Great Hall The Great Hall
Templar Quarters Templar Quarters
Harrowing Chamber Harrowing Chamber

Known inhabitants[]

First Enchanters[]

Senior Enchanters[]



Jowan and Lily ask for help during the Mage Origin



Cullen witnesses the Harrowing

Apostates with prior Circle training[]




Notable items[]

See Quartermaster (Circle Tower) for merchant items. To open all locked chests in the Circle Tower one needs a lockpicking score of 60.
Apprentice's Amulet Apprentice's Amulet
Archon Robes Archon Robes - looted from a Blood Mage.
Beastman's Dagger Beastman's Dagger - looted from a locked Chest.
Buckle of the Winds Buckle of the Winds - looted from a Pile of Fifth.
Charged Mitts Charged Mitts - loote from the Fade Rifter.
Cinderfel Gauntlets Cinderfel Gauntlets - looted from a Uldred.
Fade Striders Fade Striders - looted from a Chest.
Kaddis of the Lady of the Skies Kaddis of the Lady of the Skies - looted from a Chest.
Litany of Adralla Litany of Adralla - looted from Niall's Corpse.
Love Letter Love Letter - looted from a locked Chest.
Mabari War Harness Mabari War Harness - looted from a Chest.
Sailor's Charm Sailor's Charm - looted from the Vanity.
Scroll of Banastor Scroll of Banastor (2) - looted from a Pile of Books.
Shiver Shiver - looted from the Desire Demon.
Small Painted Box Small Painted Box (Quest Item) - found on the First Enchanter's Desk.
The Libertarian's Cowl The Libertarian's Cowl - looted from a Charred Corpse.
Yusaris Yusaris - looted from Shah Wyrd.
Greagoir's Shield Greagoir's Shield (see bugs)
Journeyman Lightning Rune Journeyman Lightning Rune - obtained from a locked Chest in the Templar Quarters (4th Floor).

Companion gifts[]

Remarkable Malachite Remarkable Malachite for Shale - looted from the Quartermaster located in the Apprentice Quarters (First Floor).
Black Grimoire Black Grimoire for Morrigan - looted from Irving's Quarters in the Senior Mage Quarters (Second Floor).
Chantry Amulet Chantry Amulet for Leliana - looted from the Templar Corpse in the Senior Mage Quarters (Second Floor).
Silver Chain Silver Chain for Morrigan - looted from the Vanity in the Senior Mage Quarters (Second Floor).
The Rose of Orlais The Rose of Orlais for Wynne - looted from a Pile of Books in the Senior Mage Quarters (Second Floor).
Water-Stained Portrait Water-Stained Portrait for Sten - looted from a Charred Corpse in the Senior Mage Quarters (Second Floor).
White Runestone White Runestone for Alistair - looted from the Abomination in the Great Hall (Third Floor).
Small Gold Bar Small Gold Bar for Zevran - looted from Charmed Templars in the Great Hall (Third Floor) or Templar Quarters (Fourth Floor).
Beef Bone Beef Bone for Dog - a Chest in the Templar Quarters (Fourth Floor).
Sun Blonde Vint-1 Sun Blonde Vint-1 for Oghren - the Vanity in the Templar Quarters (Fourth Floor).

Companion remarks[]

A companion may interject a comment upon certain triggers:


Party banter may be triggered at the following spots:

  • The first corridor in the Apprentice Quarters.

Codex entries[]

Codex entry: Walking the Fade: A Harrowing Codex entry: Walking the Fade: A Harrowing



  • ps3PS3xbox360Xbox360 After the player finishes the quest Broken Circle and asks First Enchanter Irving if Dagna can join magic classes, there might be a minor bug if you return to the Circle Tower without going to Orzammar Commons to tell her that she was accepted. She may already be there waiting for the Warden; when told she can join she will return to Orzammar but will act as if she is in the Tower.
  • Greagoir's Shield is is marked as stealable but is currently being equipped by him making this impossible to steal without the toolset.



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