Circle Letter is a plot item in Dragon Age: Origins. The full letter reads:

This letter is marked as having been written by First Enchanter Arlen of the Circle of Magi over twenty years ago:


I can assure you that the Circle of Magi is not a sacrilegious institution and that, indeed, we operate under the supervision of the Chantry. It would make our investigation of your husband's death much easier if you would simply co-operate with us. I am disappointed to hear that you sold most of Mage Wilhelm's personal property to the general store in your village. Our investigator reports that the store owner was uncooperative in recovering the golem's control rod. As such, we cannot discern whether Wilhelm's golem was responsible for his murder. We do, however, appreciate your gift of Wilhelm's journals, and we will keep them safe here in the tower at Lake Calenhad. The golem will simply have to remain where it is unless the villagers can find a means to destroy it. Our condolences to you and Wilhelm's children for your loss.

Acquisition Edit

This item is unobtainable via normal means. It was originally meant as part of the quest to obtain Shale before the golem was cut from the main game and later added as the DLC The Stone Prisoner.

It was supposed to be found inside Wilhelm's Cottage; it was intended to activate the scripts in the General Store which would allow access to the also unobtainable Note of Sale.

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