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Cillian is a player-controlled protagonist in Dragon Age: Inquisition's multiplayer.

Background[edit | edit source]

Cillian was a child of the Ralaferin clan, like his clan mate Neria. When his magical abilities surfaced, he began training as Keeper Elindra's apprentice and was intended to be her First. But the tales of an ancient order of mystical warriors who turned their magic inward fascinated Cillian, and what he learned from Elindra could not satisfy his curiosity.

As a young man, Cillian decided that he would pursue the way of the arcane warrior. He asked Elindra's blessing to leave to seek his own path. She assented knowing his heart was not in becoming Keeper, and Cillian left his clan, traveling far into the wilderness, seeking out knowledge of the arcane warriors. He explored ruin after ruin until he came across an ancient elven shrine, where he says the secrets of the ancient order were kept. Cillian remained in the shrine for years, meditating, dedicating his mind, body, and soul to the practice of the art form. 

Originally driven by the need to seek glory for his people, Cillian's years of meditation and solitude gave him wisdom and respect for all life. When The Breach opened, he knew his duty was to stand against it, fighting to save all he knows and loves.

Cillian is described as peaceful and laughs little by the Katari.

Involvement[edit | edit source]

Cillian is involved in various war table operations. He can also sometimes be seen on the battlements at Skyhold with two other agents, near where Cullen is stationed. He can't be spoken to however.

Quests[edit | edit source]

Investigate the Elven Glyphs Investigate the Elven Glyphs

Initial equipment[edit | edit source]

Weapons Inquisition Staff Inquisition Staff
Armor Arcane Warrior's Armor Arcane Warrior's Armor

Abilities[edit | edit source]

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Note: Not all of these abilities have the same preceding requirements as in single player.

Mentalism[edit | edit source]

Mentalism Spell Set

Combat Clarity Combat Clarity
Requires: Spirit Blade
The chaos of combat frightens some, but for you, its a comfortable rhythm. Your mana regenerates faster when you're near hostile enemies.

Mana Regeneration: 50% if enemy within 5 meters
Constitution +3
Spirit Blade Spirit Blade
Activation: 10 Mana
You create a blade of solid magic to make melee attacks against nearby enemies. Dealing damage with other abilities charges the blade. Attacking expends this charge to deal additional damage.

Spirit Damage: 150% weapon damage
Bonus: 100% against Barrier and 100% against Guard
Defending Blade Defending Blade
Requires: Spirit Blade
You deflect incoming projectiles with Spirit Blade, sending a shockwave of energy back at the attacker.

Defending Blade enhances Spirit Blade, reflecting projectiles back at your attackers in the form of shockwaves.
Force of Will Force of Will
Passive Your armor is increased.

Armor Bonus 20%
Constitution +3
Guardian Spirit Guardian Spirit
Passive A protective barrier springs into place around you automatically when you are badly injured.

Constitution +3
Fade Shield Fade Shield
Requires: Combat Clarity
You draw back the energy released by your enemies in your attacks against them. Any successful attack strengthens your barrier. The more damage you do, the more powerful your barrier grows.

Barrier: 30% of damage dealt
Magic +3
Psychic Backlash Psychic Backlash
Passive Enemies that hit you with a melee attack have a chance to be stunned for a short time.

Stun Chance: 5%
Stun Duration: 2 seconds
Constitution + 3
Spell Sword Spell Sword
Passive You gain bonus armor for a short time after striking with spirit blade.

Armor Bonus: 10%
Magic on +3
Gathering Storm Gathering Storm
Passive You use your staff's energy to fill the area with sympathetic magic. Each basic attack shortens your active cooldown times.

Cooldown Reduction: 0.5 seconds
Magic +3
Composed Composed
Passive Long years of meditation have given the arcane warrior an unshakeable calm, even in the face of certain death.

Magic +2
Willpower +5
Constitution +2
Mind Blast Mind Blast
Size: 5m
Activation: 20 mana
Cooldown: 8s
You send enemies staggering with an explosion of willpower that drives them back and makes them less likely to target you again.
Fortifying Blast Fortifying Blast
Each time you strike with Mind Bast increases your protective barrier as you turn their pain into your power.

Barrier: 10%
Mind over Matter Mind over Matter
Passive You are immune to flanking from enemies and have less chance of being staggered when hit from the front.

Constitution +3
Dispel Dispel
Size: 5m
Activation: 35 mana
Cooldown: 8s
You remove hostile magic and status effects from allies while stripping beneficial effects from enemies.
Transmute Magic Transmute Magic
Dispelling magic and status effects increases your owns spells' damage and barrier generation for a brief duration.

Barrier: 50%
Damage Bonus: 25%
Duration 10s
Phasing Phasing
Passive You have a chance to phase away from enemy attacks, taking no damage.

Chance to Activate: 5%
Magic + 3
Strength of Spirits Strength of Spirits
Passive Your barriers draw on the magic of the fade to absorb more energy before depleting.

Barrier Bonus: 50%
Peaceful Aura Peaceful Aura
Passive Your aura of tranquillity makes enemies less likely to attack you in battle, even when you damage them.

Threat Reduction: 50%
Willpower +3
Conductive Current Conductive Current
Passive The more magical energy you expend, the more damage your spells do.

Damage Bonus: 5% for every 10% missing mana
Magic +3
Flashfire Flashfire

Activation: 65 mana
Duration: 8s
Cooldown: 20s
You ignite an enemy in searing pain and send them fleeing in panic.
Blistering Pain Blistering Pain
Flashfire burns brighter and hotter, intensifying the panic the enemy suffers.

Fear duration bonus: 8 Seconds
Blinding Terror Blinding Terror
Requires: Horror
You have learned to leave enemies vulnerable in their terror. Enemies that are panicked take increased damage from all attacks.

Damage Bonus vs. Panicked: 15%
Magic +3

Elemental[edit | edit source]

Elemental Spell Set

Chain Lightning Chain Lightning

Size: 5m
Activation: 50 mana
Cooldown: 8s
You unleash a blast of lightning that shocks one target and arcs to nearby others.
Arcing Surge Arcing Surge
Chain lighting arcs farther and hits more targets.

Distance Bonus: 4 meters
Additional Hits: 2
Fade Step Fade Step
Duration: 2s
Cooldown: 12s
You let invisible waves of magic carry you forward, blurring ahead a short distance.
Frost Step Frost Step
Passing through enemies hurts them and leaves them chilled.

Ice damage: 300% weapon damage
Chill duration: 8 Seconds

Rejuvenating Barrier Rejuvenating Barrier
Passive When you or your allies have an active barrier, the beneficial energy invigorates them and helps the recover mana or stamina more quickly.

Mana Regeneration: 35%
Constitution + 3
Fade Cloak Fade Cloak
Activation: 20 Mana
Cooldown: 12s
Requires: Spirit Blade
You surround yourself with the magic of the Veil itself. You are briefly invulnerable and can pass through enemies unharmed.

Briefly invulnerable and can pass through enemies unharmed.
Decloaking Blast Decloaking Blast
Requires: Fade Cloak
If you rematerialize inside an enemy, the foe is blasted back with massive force.

Spirit Damage: 1,000% weapon damage
Smothering Veil Smothering Veil
Requires: Restorative Veil
Weakened enemies have the damage they inflict reduced even further.

Damage Reduction: 30%
Willpower +3
Disturbance of Spirit Disturbance of Spirit
Passive Your offensive spells have a chance to weaken your enemies.

Weaken Chance: 5%
Stun Duration: 2 seconds
Willpower + 3
Twisting Veil Twisting Veil
Requires: Encircling Veil
You catch stray magic around weakened enemies and use it to increase the damage of your own attacks.

Damage Bonus vs. Weakened: 15%
Magic +3
Veilstrike Veilstrike
Activation: 35 Mana
Cooldown: 24s
You recreate your own fist from the essence of the Fade and smash nearby foes to the ground.

Area of Effect: 5 Meters
Punching Down Punching Down
Requires: Veilstrike
You cast Veilstrike more easily, and the blow weakens your enemies, causing them to do less damage.

Cost Reduction: 15 mana
Weakened Duration: 10 seconds
Encircling Veil Encircling Veil
Requires: Stonefist
You use stray magic around weakened enemies to increase the power of status effects on them.

Duration Bonus vs. Weakened: 25%
Magic +3
Stonefist Stonefist
Activation: 50 Mana
Cooldown: 8s
You summon a boulder from the Fade and smash it into your target, sending them flying.

Spirit Damage: 500% weapon damage
Shatterstone Shatterstone
Requires: Stonefist
The boulder summoned by Stonefist now explodes on impact, weakening and staggering nearby enemies.

Area of Effect 4 meters
Weakened Duration: 10 Seconds
Stormbringer Stormbringer
Cooldown: 15s
The storm comes to your aid even without your calling it. When you are in combat, lightning will periodically strike a random nearby target.

Electric Damage: 300% weapon damage
Magic + 3
Restorative Veil Restorative Veil
Requires: Veilstrike
You pull stray magic from around weakened enemies to regain mana based on the damage you do to them.

Mana Recovery: 10%
Magic +3
Static Charge Static Charge
Passive You sheathe yourself in lightning while casting spells. Enemies that attempt to interrupt your casting with attacks are struck by arcs that leave them paralyzed.

Electric Damage: 100% weapon damage
Constitution + 3
Pull of the Abyss Pull of the Abyss
Size: 6m
Activation: 65 Mana
Duration: 12s
Cooldown: 32s
Requires: Smothering Veil or Twisting Veil
You create a tiny rift that pulls enemies toward a central point.
Shaken Veil Shaken Veil
Requires: Pull of the Abyss
You can cast Pull of the Abyss more often, and enemies caught in its effect are weakened.

Cooldown Reduction: 8 seconds
Weakened Duration: 10 seconds

Quotes[edit | edit source]

Main article: Cillian/Dialogue
  • "I am as the sea. Who can stand against the tide?"

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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