Choose Successor in Lydes is a war table operation in Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Acquisition Edit

Recruit Iron Bull.

Operation text Edit

Part of a Ben-Hassrath report noting the current fight for succession in Lydes, which has been without a direct ruler since Duke Remache died early in the Orlesian civil war:

…the duchy will go to one of three members of the dead duke's family, all of whom have possible claims to the position due to the complex nature of Orlesian politics: his cousin Caralina, already a duchess by marriage; his daughter Monette, whose claim is muddied by her youthful naïveté and the fact that her father pushed her into a life of service to the Chantry after his wife's death, likely to protect her from the dangers of the Game; and his brother Jean-Gaspard, an ambitious and cunning man who has been searching for power.

Caralina is capable and not overly invested in overseeing Lydes personally. Monette would be the most easily manipulated, but less likely to be useful. Jean-Gaspard would be difficult to manipulate and could present a threat if he succeeds his brother.

Any of the three candidates could become a valuable ally to the Inquisition, but the other two must be removed from play first.

Advisor suggestions Edit

Note: The time listed is the time it takes with no agents.

Josephine – 0:48:00 Edit

I can destroy Caralina's marriage with four words and the proper glove left on the proper table.

Leliana – 1:00:00 Edit

Monette would do better in the Chantry than in the Game. I can see that she is encouraged to take vows.

Cullen – 1:00:00 Edit

Jean-Gaspard is a chevalier and a capable military leader. If we want him removed, I daresay we might recruit him for ourselves.

Results Edit

Josephine Edit

Ambassador Montilyet,

I am of course pleased to aid the Inquisition in its holy endeavor. My wife, Caralina, has recently been taken by a religious fervor and has declared her intention to live the rest of her life in a small chantry near the Arbor Wilds, where she will have the solitude necessary to live her life of spiritual reflection and repentance. As such, I have sold most of her gowns and jewelry and am pleased to make the resulting funds my gift to the Inquisition.

Duke Stefan de Firmin

Leliana Edit

Sister Leliana,

Monette has always been one of our most devoted lay sisters. At your advice, we urged her to consider a life of service, and after hearing of the dangers of the Game, she has consented to take vows. I truly believe this may have saved her life, and I thank you for your words of advice.

Some of our sisters have had luck tending wounds caused by demons, thanks to a new type of healing salve. I have included the details so that your own healers might make use of it.

Mother Renette

Cullen Edit

Commander Cullen,

It would be an honor to serve the Inquisition and prove the mettle of the Orlesian chevaliers by doing the Maker's work. I accept your generous offer wholeheartedly and will arrive in good time with those men loyal to me. It will be my privilege to order the Inquisition's troops into holy battle against those who would threaten the order of the empire.

In the Maker's grace,
Lord Jean-Gaspard of Lydes

Rewards Edit

Josephine Edit

Leliana Edit

Cullen Edit

Notes Edit

  • While the operation texts change, the in-game results depend solely on the choice made from the advisor selected in Part II. However, who is eliminated in Part I will consequently effect Part II; see quick results below.

Quick results Edit

  • If Caralina is removed in Part I using Josephine:
  • Josephine installs Jean-Gaspard as successor in Part II
  • Leliana installs Monette as successor in Part II
  • Cullen not participating in Part II
  • If Monette is removed in Part I using Leliana:
  • Josephine installs Jean-Gaspard as successor in Part II
  • Leliana not participating in Part II
  • Cullen installs Caralina as successor in Part II
  • If Jean-Gaspard is removed in Part I using Cullen:
  • Josephine not participating in Part II
  • Leliana installs Monette as successor in Part II
  • Cullen installs Caralina as successor in Part II
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