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“Beware the Children. They are abominations, even among darkspawn...” ―Jukka

The Children are a unique variety of darkspawn birthed by the Mother.


“When the Blight pushed the darkspawn to the surface, human expeditions were able to venture deep underground for the first time in centuries, meeting very little resistance apart from stragglers. Then people started disappearing. Men would make camp and wake to find one of their number missing. Scouts left on missions, never to return. Search parties found no trace of the lost men, not even their bones. Some saw movements in the darkness, a shifting of shadows that torchlight would reveal as nothing. When a single warrior survived from one squad, he spoke of nothing comprehensible except grinning worm monsters that devoured his companions. The expeditions made haste back to the city.[1]

This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening.

The Children are mutated hurlocks born from the Mother, an unusually intelligent broodmother.

Like the Mother, the Children are free of the Call of the Old Gods, but unlike her, they are not any more intelligent than other darkspawn. Other darkspawn, even the mighty ogres, tend to avoid them, since the Children are not particularly picky about their food and will eat other dead or even living darkspawn, if given the chance.[2] The Children are also capable of disrupting blight magic, making even emissaries wary of them.[3]

The Children are born as childer grubs, worm-like darkspawn that hibernate in cocoons after they have been birthed. This is the only vulnerable stage of their development.[2]

As opposed to their worm-like larval state, the childer hatchlings develop spindly feet and small claws, which make them stronger and more agile, even though their transformation is not yet complete.

The final form of the Children is by far stronger and deadlier than all previous forms. Their claws have grown long and sharp, and they sprout additional insect-legs. Their body is encased by a protective carapace, making them much harder to kill than a childer grub or hatchling. They are also frighteningly fast; adult childers are capable of speed unmatched by every other type of darkspawn.

BioWare canon
The following information is only mentioned in Dragon Age Tabletop. Certain portions of this media may no longer reflect currently established lore.

They only exist to serve and protect the Mother, and have no goals of their own beyond to destroy and feast on anything that comes near them.[4] When childer grubs feel another living being nearby, either by sensing their movements or their body heat, they emerge from their cocoons to attack and devour their unfortunate prey.[4]

If a childer grub or a childer hatchling devours the flesh of a tainted creature, such as another darkspawn, it will transform into their next form.[4]


Amaranthine Amaranthine
Deep Roads Deep Roads
Drake's Fall Drake's Fall
Kal'Hirol Kal'Hirol
Kal'Hirol's Trade Quarter Kal'Hirol's Trade Quarter


All variations:[]

Spit Spit
Overwhelm Overwhelm

Childer hatchling and adult childer gain:[]

Pincer Flurry Pincer Flurry

Adult childer gain:[]

Leap Leap
Virulent Burst Virulent Burst


  • Sprout: While this mode is active, the childer grub morphs into a more aggressive hatchling.
  • Metamorphosis: The childer hatchling morphs into a more aggressive adult.
  • Capricious Demise: If the childer dies while this mode is active, it detonates, inflicting significant nature damage to all nearby enemies.


Children are classified by the forms they take as they mature:

Childer Grub
Childer Grub Alpha
Childer Hatchling
Adult Childer

Codex entries[]

Codex entry: The Children Codex entry: The Children


  • Newborn darkspawn of all kinds look more or less like the Children.[5]



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