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The Chevalier armor set is a massive armor item set in Dragon Age: Origins. The quality of the armor depends on the level of the player. Despite of the difficulties to acquire it, this armor set has bad mediocre status bonus with little to no benefit for Warriors and even outclassed by the rest of the available massive armor sets which could be obtained in easier ways.


Note: It is possible to acquire entire set, if one has the patience to save and load a lot of times due to the chances of the items appearing being very low. It is best to save before entering an area so that the game could be reloaded if the wanted piece is not gained.
  • The gloves can be bought from Faryn in the Frostback Mountain Pass.
  • All pieces of the armor can sometimes be found in Marjolaine's chest during Leliana's personal quest in Denerim but its contents are randomly generated and are set the first time Marjolaine's house is entered. Note that the armor is the rarest, followed by the boots, and then the gloves, the latter appearing very frequently.
Note: pcPCThe drops in Marjolaine's chest are determined the first time you enter Denerim, and not Marjolaine's house.
  • Shaevra in the back room of The Pearl also has a chance to drop the Chevalier pieces.
  • The adventuring warrior in the Careless Accusations quest also has a chance to drop the boots or the gloves.
  • Ser Perth can also drop pieces of the Chevalier set, and can be killed by friendly fire or he may be dead by the end of the battle in Redcliffe.
Note: Ser Perth's health is extremely high and it is difficult to kill him even by friendly fire on Nightmare difficulty. Furthermore, his chances of dropping a piece of the set is low.


  • Despite the items' description, the set provides a -3 bonus in Willpower. A fix for this is included in Dain's Fixpack.
  • The chest in Marjolaine's house in Denerim can yield all three pieces of the set (the save-load method to re-randomize loot only works on 360 and ps3), and it can also drop two pieces of the set at once. With luck, this will allow you to yield the chestpiece and boots. However, it may require several reloads outside of Denerim pcPCor right outside Marjolaine's house xbox360Xbox360ps3PS3, both of which require re-doing the dialogue between Leliana and Marjolaine, as well as the fight itself if you wish for Marjolaine to flag as dead for your personal playthrough, costing you time and effort.
  • Due to the willpower loss and overall rarity of the pieces, it may be preferable to simply ignore the Chevalier armor set, as even with a Warrior Warden, there are only four Warriors to outfit in massive armor, of which there are several sets with stat boosts far superior to the +3 constitution, a total of 15 extra health. The -3 to willpower is even worse for Arcane Warriors, as they will have 15 mana less by equipping this set. Finally, it may be of an undesired tier without obtaining it at the proper level, thus necessitating the armor-leveling trick with the Party Storage Chest in the Warden's Keep DLC.
  • If you're on PC, and can't be bothered dealing with rng drops to get the pieces of this set, you can just install this mod which guarantees that Shaevra drops the chest and boots.


  • If you use a third party mod and upgrade the armor set to tier 9, it looks exactly like Cailan's armor set from the Return to Ostagar DLC without the helmet.


Name Armor
Fatigue Runes Enhancements Notes
Chevalier's Armor
Requires: 22 strength
8.75 21.00% 0
Chevalier's Gloves
Requires: 22 strength
1.25 3.00% 0
Chevalier's Boots
Requires: 22 strength
1.50 3.00% 0
Set Bonus 0 -3 willpower
+3 constitution
Chevalier armor set
11.50 27.00% 0 Set: -3 willpower
Set: +3 constitution
This armor can be found at Frostback Mountain Pass and randomly in certain places in Denerim.
The quality of the armor depends on the level of the Warden when they are found.
Note: The strength requirement and armor rating for each piece are tied to the tier level and will vary from the listed value since the tier level adjusts to the Warden's level.