Check on Anders is an Act 3 companion quest for Anders in Dragon Age II.

Visit Anders at his clinic in Darktown or, if Hawke is in a romance with him and invited him to move in, at Hawke's Estate

Acquisition Edit

Received at the beginning of Act 3.

Walkthrough Edit

Hawke witnesses Anders either conspiring with Merrill (templars side, rival), refusing service to Isabela on the grounds that he can't/won't treat "that kind of illness", or clashing with Aveline.

Note: If Isabela is not a companion of Hawke in Act 3, Seneschal Bran will be there instead.

Romance Edit

If Hawke is in a romance with Anders then you can tell him that you have a gift for him; you give him a key to the cellar (that has an exit next to Anders's clinic) so he can escape to Darktown if necessary.

  • diplomatic or aggressive: Anders says you’ll understand when it’s him that Meredith is coming for, and that you won’t be able to sit by so righteously.
  • humorous: Anders says it makes him believe that you and he can do anything.

Talk to Anders:

  • If you didn't give him the key already you have another opportunity to give it to him.
  • Otherwise:
    • You can flirt with Anders here.
    • Otherwise it doesn't matter what you say to him.
Note: These are the only two opportunities you have to give Anders this key. This completes The Key to Your Heart quest.

No Romance Edit

If Hawke is not in a romance with Anders then he tells Hawke that Meredith has all but destroyed the mage underground and those left have turned to blood magic as their only option.

As a Friend, choosing the Diplomatic ("There's still hope.") or Aggressive option ("We will stop her.") in the second dialogue prompt results in Anders friendship Friendship small (+10).

As a Rival, choosing the Diplomatic option in the second dialogue prompt ("Maybe it's for the best") results in Anders friendship Friendship small (+10). Choosing the Aggressive option ("All mages are dangerous") results in Anders rivalry Rivalry small (+10).

After the second dialogue prompt, Anders will state either that the Fifth Blight was stopped with the help of two mages, one being an apostate, or that a mage saved everyone from the Blight.

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