The Chateau Haine Interior is uniquely Orlesian fare within the Free Marches. Its stone hallways are lined with velvet carpets and drapes and gaudy statues and are constantly patrolled by Duke Prosper's Chevaliers.

Involvement Edit

Quest icon DA2 Heart of the Many (main)
Quest icon DA2 Hard to Stomach (optional)
Quest icon DA2 Literary Theft (optional, with Varric)
Quest icon DA2 Arcane Feathers (optional, with Anders)
Quest icon DA2 A Warrior's Legacy (optional, with Fenris)
Quest icon DA2 The Odd Ensign (optional with Carver)
Quest icon DA2 A Map of Sorts (optional, with Isabela)
Quest icon DA2 A Symbolon (optional, with Bethany)
Quest icon DA2 A Secret Formula (optional, with Sebastian)
Quest icon DA2 A Romantic's Gift (optional, with Aveline)
Chateau Haine Interior Placeholder Map

Map of the area

Enemies Edit

  • Soldier
  • Guard (Warrior)
  • Guard (Archer)
  • Guard (Dual wielding Rogue)
  • Guard Captain
  • Orlesian Assassin
  • Mage

Notes Edit

  • In-game this area is listed only as 'Chateau Haine'.
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