Chateau Haine is the home of the Orlesian noble, Duke Prosper.

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Previously known as Fortress Haine, it is now the current vacation villa of the Orlesian Montfort Family. It was first built by Lord Norbert de la Haine who was assassinated by the Antivan Crows and eventually awarded to Ser Gaston de Montfont during the Exalted Age.[1]

It is located in the Free Marches on the western slopes of the Vimmark Mountains. It was used as a stronghold by the Grey Wardens during the Fourth Blight, with the Vaults, a cavern and lake constructed underneath the mountain to house thousands of refugees. During the Fourth Blight it was commanded by the famed Grey Warden mage, Isseya, Garahel's younger sister.[2]

The abundance of wild wyvern in the area led to the Montforts sponsoring seasonal hunting parties to reduce their population, but eventually became a sporting event.

In a diplomatic gesture to his local guests, Duke Prosper has equipped his Chevaliers stationed at the Chateau with Kirkwall Shields to add a more local touch.

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Hightown icon Chateau Haine Gate
Fenris's Mansion Icon Chateau Courtyard
Fenris's Mansion Icon Chateau Haine Interior
Gallows Icon The Dungeons
Hightown icon The Vaults
Hightown icon The Retreat

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Quest icon DA2 Heart of the Many (main)
Quest icon DA2 The Master's Salve (optional)
Quest icon DA2 Wishing Well (optional)
Quest icon DA2 Hard to Stomach (optional)
Quest icon DA2 Literary Theft (optional, with Varric)
Quest icon DA2 Arcane Feathers (optional, with Anders)
Quest icon DA2 A Warrior's Legacy (optional, with Fenris)
Quest icon DA2 The Odd Ensign (optional with Carver)
Quest icon DA2 Pirates and their Curses (optional, with Isabela)
Quest icon DA2 A Map of Sorts (optional, with Isabela)
Quest icon DA2 A Symbolon (optional, with Bethany)
Quest icon DA2 A Secret Formula (optional, with Sebastian)
Quest icon DA2 A Romantic's Gift (optional, with Aveline)
Quest icon DA2 The Du Lac Sign (optional, with Aveline)

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Codex icon DA2 Codex entry: Chateau Haine

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