Charter is a spy in Leliana's network charged with reporting the goings-on of Crestwood.


"Charter" is said to be one of the last known of many aliases used by a famous elven spy for sale and master of false identities nicknamed The Black Hart[1], who was contacted by Leliana when seeking steady employment.

Along with being one of Leliana's spies, Charter is also a senior member of the Inquisition and the commanding officer of Caer Bronach. It was also Charter who recruited Scout Harding into the Inquisition.


Charter can first be encountered at Haven by the houses across from the inner gate where she is speaking with Scout Pellane. Later, Charter takes command of Caer Bronach in western Ferelden, near the Village of Crestwood.

Dragon Age: Magekiller

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Dragon Age: Magekiller.

Charter is dispatched to a small village to recruit the famous Mage assassin Marius for the Inquisition. Charter arrives just as the village is throwing a feast in celebration of Marius and Tessa Forsythia rescuing several villagers from Demons pouring from a nearby Fade rift. Finding Tessa alone in a tavern, after a tense confrontation, Charter formally offers Marius and Tessa a place among the Inquisition's ranks.

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When the Exalted Council is called by Divine Victoria at the Winter Palace, Charter is among the Inquisition presence in attendance. Charter monitors the activities around the Palace while guarding the Inquisitor's personal store of valuable equipment.

If Leliana did not become Divine Victoria...

Charter is one of the agents with whom Leliana had shared many responsibilities during the final months of the Inquisition as an independent organization. Many believed that Leliana feared what lay on the horizon and was grooming successors in anticipation of the challenges ahead.


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