Charade Amell is the daughter of Gamlen Amell and his estranged wife, Mara. She is involved in the quest, Gamlen's Greatest Treasure.


Charade was unaware of her father's identity until her mother, Mara, told her of Gamlen on her deathbed. Charade set out to find her father, setting up an elaborate scheme to lure him into a meeting. Charade is an archer of some skill, and is shown to have a close relationship with Hawke, her cousin, following her potential meeting with her father.


This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age II.

Charade is encountered towards the end of the Gamlen's Greatest Treasure quest, in Act 3 of Dragon Age II. She located the Gem of Keroshek, which Gamlen wasted his life trying to find. She sent him an anonymous note informing him that she had found the gem. She also hired several mercenary groups to capture him and bring him to her. Gamlen ignored the note, but Charade's cousin, Hawke, pursued it. They eventually met and Hawke can either take the gem off her, or arrange a meeting with Gamlen. If the latter option is chosen, Gamlen is touched by the meeting, and reveals that he never knew Mara was with child, and if he had, he would have gone after her. He tells Charade that they should meet regularly, and Charade says that she likes the idea of getting to know her father. Gamlen tells her to keep safe, before she smiles at him and leaves.

She sends Hawke a letter, suggesting that they are close, and expresses a wish to know her cousin better as well; she also asks many outlandish questions.


  • Unlike the rest of Hawke's family members, her skin tone does not change to match them. This apparent discrepancy is negated when Gamlen "thanks the Maker" that she got her mother's looks.
  • She is named after her personality, making a long game to get Gamlen's attention.
  • One of the preset looks reserved to a female Hawke looks exactly like Charade, with the exception of the blue eyeshadow.
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