The Chantry of Our Lady Redeemer is the chantry in the City of Amaranthine. This chantry has a special significance, as it was constructed in the place where Andraste first revealed the Chant of Light.[1]

Thanks to the wealth generated by the city's land- and sea-going trade, as well as the donations of Andrastrian pilgrims retracing the prophet's steps, the chantry has become the richest in all of Ferelden.

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Leliana's SongEdit

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Leliana's Song.

This chantry is the place where the Orlesian bard Leliana was brought to recuperate following her escape from the dungeons of Commander Harwen Raleigh. Following the commander's death on the Amaranthine coast, Leliana returned here and eventually took instruction as a lay sister of the chantry, before moving to Lothering.

Dragon Age: Warden's Fall Edit

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Dragon Age: Warden's Fall.

While investigating about a series of attacks outside the city of Amaranthine, Kristoff travels to Chantry of Our Lady Redeemer to talk with an elf man who survived one of the attacks. The elf gives Kristoff enough information to point him to discover that Cyril was working for the Mother's Disciples.[2]

Dragon Age: Origins - AwakeningEdit

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Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening.

Before the treachery of Arl Rendon Howe was made known, the plaza in front of the chantry was the site of a statue commemorating the heroism of Byron Howe during the Fereldan Rebellion; now a statue of Andraste has replaced it.

During the darkspawn civil war in 9:31 Dragon, the city of Amaranthine is besieged. Should the Warden-Commander elect to defend the city from the darkspawn, the chantry becomes the base of operations for the town militia, as well as a place of shelter for the many civilians seeking refuge from the onslaught.

If the Warden-Commander decides to burn Amaranthine, the chantry is destroyed alongside the rest of the city.

Quests Edit

Amaranthine Chantry outside

The Amaranthine chantry as seen from outside

Ico Quest The Game
Ico Quest Justice for Kristoff
Ico Quest The Sermons of Justinia II
Ico Quest Till Death Do Us Part
Ico Quest Out of Control

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There is a secret door in the Chantry that leads to the Smuggler's Cove.[3]

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