The Chanter's Board is a job board provided by the Chantry in Thedas. Considering the degree to which the Chantry is integrated into politics, it should come as no surprise that jobs on this board generally help the already rich and powerful. All of these quests will provide a monetary reward (at least one sovereign).

To complete these quests, you must return to any of the Chanters attending the boards.

Quests Edit

Dragon Age: Origins Edit

Lothering Edit

Ico Quest Bandits, Bandits, Everywhere
Ico Quest When Bears Attack
Ico Quest A Last Keepsake
Note: When completed, all of the quests given by the board in Lothering will appear under the "Lothering" heading in the Journal as a single quest named "The Chanter's Board", rather than as individual quests within the "Chanter's Board" heading.

Redcliffe Village Edit

These are available only after The Attack at Nightfall quest.

Ico Quest Caravan Down
Ico Quest Brothers and Sons
Ico Quest Skin Deep
Ico Quest Desperate Haven

Denerim Market District Edit

Ico Quest Back Alley Justice
Ico Quest Fazzil's Request
Ico Quest Loghain's Push
Ico Quest Missing in Action
Note: Aside from Loghain's Push, all of the quests given by the board in Denerim will appear under the "Denerim" heading in the Journal, rather than the "Chanter's Board" heading.

Other Edit

These are only available when certain conditions are met.

Ico Quest Unintended Consequences
Ico Quest Jowan's Intention

Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening Edit

City of Amaranthine Edit

Ico Quest A Donation of Injury Kits
Ico Quest A Donation of Poultices
Ico Quest Out of Control
Ico Quest Preying on the Weak
Ico Quest From the Living Wood

Dragon Age II Edit

Chanter's Board in Kirkwall

Chanter's board in Kirkwall

Kirkwall Edit

Quest icon DA2 Sketchy on the Details
Quest icon DA2 Elves at Large
Quest icon DA2 Bounty Hunter

Notes Edit

  • Completing one of these quests will unlock the Pilgrim achievement in Dragon Age: Origins.
  • Some of the Redcliffe quests are also available at the Denerim Chanter's Board.

Bugs Edit

  • Turning in multiple quests at once will give you the reward for all of them, but only the last of them will show up on feedback. If you turn in three quests that each are worth 1 gold, you will only see 1 gold added but checking your inventory will show you got the full 3 gold reward.

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