Changing One's Nature is an Act 1 side quest in Dragon Age II.

Acquisition Edit

This quest is available if in Dragon Age: Origins you completed Nature of the Beast by siding with the werewolves over the Dalish, or by picking the pre-set origin, No Compromise, during your character creation.

When entering Marethari's clan's camp at Sundermount, a woman named Clara will be arguing with a Dalish. If Hawke inquires further, they discover that Clara is seeking a cure for the werewolves of Ferelden, who are finding it increasingly difficult to control their bestial nature. Even the Lady of the Forest is becoming wild. She asks Hawke to find ingredients for a potion which may soothe the beasts.

Walkthrough Edit

Finding the ingredients for the potion is relatively simple:

  • Purified Deathroot: In the Dalish camp, across from where Clara is standing.
  • Alchemically Sealed Flask: On the western path from the Dalish camp, inside of the small ruined building.
  • Twice-Distilled Quicksilver: On the path to the top of Sundermount, behind a wall of the ruins, before the passage.
  • Ebon Rathleek: Past the elven graveyard, on the path to the summit of the mountain.

Rewards Edit

  • 400xp
Shortbow silver DA2 The Trepanner's Gift and 1DAO goldpiece trans.
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