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For the specialization in Dragon Age: Inquisition, see Champion (Inquisition).

Champion is one of the specializations available for the warrior class in Dragon Age: Origins. It is primarily used by skilled leaders in battle.

Champion talents[]

War Cry War Cry
Range: Personal
Activation: 25
Cooldown: 20s
The champion lets out a fearsome cry that gives nearby enemies a penalty to attack. With Superiority, nearby enemies are also knocked down unless they pass a physical resistance check.
Rally Rally
Range: Personal
Activation: 50
Fatigue: 5%
Cooldown: 30s
Requires: Level 12
The champion's presence inspires nearby allies, giving them bonuses to attack and defense while this mode is active. When coupled with Motivate, the attack bonus increases.
Motivate Motivate
Requires: Level 14
The champion inspires allies to attack with renewed vigor. The Rally talent now increases attack, in addition to its defense bonus.
Superiority Superiority
Requires: Level 16
The champion is so fearsome that War Cry now knocks nearby opponents off their feet unless they pass a physical resistance check.


Champion can be unlocked by completing The Urn of Sacred Ashes and accepting Arl Eamon Guerrin's offer for a reward.

Notable Champions[]


  • The specialization is useful for granting extra buffs to the party. War Cry is useful for reducing incoming damage, causing enemies who fail its check to take penalties to hit. After learning Superiority the attack penalty is augmented by a knockdown, which is useful for crowd control. At the same time the bonus defense from Rally grants extra damage resistance to allies. When Motivate is learned an attack bonus is added to Rally. When used to its full potential the Champion is a great asset to any party.