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For the specialization in Dragon Age: Origins, see Champion (Origins).

Champion is a warrior specialization in Dragon Age: Inquisition.

These powerful defenders protect their allies from harm, standing strong against devastating blows with expert training and fierce determination. Enemies can't kill them; and they usually can't survive them.


From "Champions of Note in a Great Tradition." Lord Chancer's words make one passage stand out:

There is sacrifice in attaining the adulation of others, for the while the Champion is raised above all but their patron, this is done with the weight of expectation. Their shoulders bear the hopes of those they protect, the pride of those they inspire, and the demands of those they lead. And in becoming such a figure, the Champions accepts not just the aspirations of his or her allies, but also the dangerous envy of the enemy.

One must remember the figures of note who have come before, for the glorious tales of their triumphs are often punctuated by steep and sudden tumbles. They burn bright, and draw others to their glory. But as anyone who knows of flames can attest, a simple shift of breeze or landscape can send the fire homeward. Those who seek the title never think themselves joining a hundred bound for obscurity. They know they are the rare few who will permanently be enshrined in glory. If they did not think as such, they would not be fit to try.

Many heraldic symbols follow, as well as martial instruction.
—From Codex entry: Way of the Champion

With passives and abilities that increase: guard, threat, and armor, this sturdy specialization enables a warrior to be an effective primary or secondary tank. Line in the Sand helps a warrior control choke points and To the Death (Inquisition) is an activated ability that taunts and weakens a target with no duration, thus allowing the party to exploit the target and kill it efficiently.


This specialization is obtainable through the quest Way of the Champion, obtained from Lord Chancer.

Ability tree[]

Champion Skill Set


Line in the Sand Line in the Sand
Size: 6m
Activation: 35 stamina
Duration: 12s
Cooldown: 20s
You call upon the legacy of the greatest champions in history, defying enemies as you hold your position. This stops enemies from moving past you and enables you to block choke points.
And No Further And No Further
Requires: Line in the Sand
Your protected area increases, making it even harder for enemies to pass by.

Size bonus: 3 meters
Everlasting Barricade Everlasting Barricade
Requires: Trespasser
Line in the Sand no longer has a cost or a cooldown, and it lasts until you cancel it.
Bulwark Bulwark
Requires: Line in the Sand
You stand all the stronger to finish the fight, gaining a bonus to your maximum guard.

Maximum Guard Bonus: +25%
Constitution +3
Adamant Adamant
Requires: Bulwark
You've trained hard, and you know how to make the most of whatever armor you're wearing.

Armor Bonus: 20%
Constitution +3
To the Death To the Death
Range: 15m
Activation: 35 stamina
Cooldown: 32s
Requires: Adamant
You taunt an enemy into a frenzy. Their damage output increases over time, but so does the damage they take. The effect ends if you get out of range.
En Garde En Garde
Requires: To the Death
While To the Death is active, your guard improves as your target takes damage and you correct weaknesses of your own.

Guard amount: 25%
Who's Next? Who's Next?
Requires: Trespasser
Seeing a challenged foe fall inspires you to hit even harder.

Damage Bonus: 30%
Duration: 10 seconds

Resilience Resilience
Requires: Line in the Sand
You don't flinch, don't blink, and don't back down. Enemies that hit you with melee attacks are staggered by recoil.

Stun Chance: 5%
Constitution +3
Unyielding Unyielding
Cooldown: 60s
Requires: Resilience
An attack the would bring you down instead leave you with a small amount of health, and you are immune to all damage for a short time.

Invulnerability for 5s
Constitution +3
Walking Fortress Walking Fortress
Duration: 8s
Cooldown: 32s
Requires: Unyielding
You may not be able to hold them off forever, but right now, nothing can touch you. You have complete immunity for a short time.
Siege-Breaker Siege-Breaker
Requires: Walking Fortress
Every attack that strikes you reduces your cooldown time and increases your guard.

Cooldown reduction: 1 second
Guard amount: 10%
Focused Defense Focused Defense
Requires: Trespasser
All of the damage you take while Walking Fortress is active is converted into focus.
Counterstrike Counterstrike
Duration: 6-12-20s
Requires: Bulwark or Resilience
You push yourself to the limit, gaining full guard and taunting all nearby enemies. While the ability is active, you automatically counter all melee attacks. This ability consumes and is powered by focus.

Tier 1: Duration: 6 seconds
Tier 2: Duration: 12 seconds
Tier 3: Duration: 20 seconds

Known Champions[]