The Ceremonial armor set is a heavy armor item set in Dragon Age: Origins. Its design is presumably of Ferelden origin. It is also presumably worn by Arl Eamon during The Landsmeet, either that or a very similar set.

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  • If the Warden works for both sides during the third task of A Paragon of Her Kind quest, then no hired goons will show up in the Deep Roads.
  • The Ceremonial armor set appears to be the same armor worn by Arl Eamon during The Landsmeet gathering.

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Details Edit

Name Armor
Fatigue Runes Enhancements Notes
Ceremonial Armored Boots
Red Steel
Requires: 32 strength
2.25 2.70% 0 Sold by Old Tegrin in the Gentle Path random encounter.
Ceremonial Armor
Red Steel
Requires: 32 strength
11.25 16.80% 0 -3 armor
+10 mental resistance
The armor is dropped by the Cultist Leader at Lake Calenhad Docks after talking to The Spoiled Princess innkeeper about Brother Genitivi, which requires a previous coversation with Weylon.
Ceremonial Armored Gloves
Red Steel
Requires: 32 strength
1.80 2.10% 0
Set bonus 0 +6 missile deflection
Ceremonial armor set
Red Steel
15.30 21.6% 0 -3 armor
+10 mental resistance
Set: +6 missile deflection
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