Bann Ceorlic is a Fereldan noble who orchestrated the betrayal and assassination of Moira Theirin, the Rebel Queen.

Involvement[edit | edit source]

This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age: The Stolen Throne.

Ceorlic and a number of other banns, under the orders of the Orlesian usurper King Meghren, lured Queen Moira to a meeting (somewhere in the Bannorn) with talk of an alliance, then murdered her. Moira's head was sent to Meghren, who had it mounted above the gates of Fort Drakon. Unfortunately for them, Ceorlic and his fellows failed to also kill Moira's son, Prince Maric.

Many years later, when the war against the occupation was turning in favor of the Fereldan rebels, Maric contacted the murderers, inviting them to meet at a designated chantry and receive amnesty in exchange for their support. The banns went, but Maric had no intention of forming an alliance with his mother's killers - the meeting was arranged solely to avenge her death. Ceorlic and his confederates had doubted that Maric would commit the sacrilege of murder in a chantry (especially since they'd informed other banns where they were going), but they underestimated Maric's desire for vengeance, and were slaughtered.

Maric spared Ceorlic until last; the traitor desperately begged for his life, offering Maric anything. Maric coldly replied that the bann couldn't give him back his mother, then executed Ceorlic for his treason. Maric also warned the children of his mother's killers that if they did not denounce the treachery of their fathers, he would destroy them all and give their lands to those who understood the consequences of betrayal. Ceorlic's son and namesake was one who accepted this offer and retained his father's title.

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