I stand by Loghain! We've no hope of victory otherwise!

See Bann Ceorlic (Stolen Throne) for his father.

Bann Ceorlic is is the bann of the Southern Bannorn.[1] Once the Landsmeet starts, he can be found in the Gnawed Noble Tavern conversing with Sighard.


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Dragon Age: Origins.

Ceorlic is one of the nobles attending the Landsmeet. He will always support Loghain, no matter what. Many of those who tell rumours suspect this is simply out of fear, since Ceorlic's lands border Loghain's teyrn of Gwaren and he fears what Loghain will do to his land if he refuses.

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Darkspawn Chronicles.

Bann Ceorlic appears in The Darkspawn Chronicles as one of the civilians killed during the Massacre in the Market quest.


  • "You're being very foolish. Why would Loghain leave half our own army to die when a Blight threatens? I take him at his word: The battle could not be won."
  • "I would rather see Anora keep the throne myself. Far better it pass to the Mac Tir line than some byblow."


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