Colleague?! More like rival! Though his exploits pale compared to mine.

Cedric Marquette is an Orlesian professor at the University of Orlais.

Background[edit | edit source]

Cedric Marquette is an adjunct scholar who specializes in the recovery of historical artifacts and archaeology. He considers Bram Kenric a rival.

Involvement[edit | edit source]

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Dragon Age: Knight Errant[edit | edit source]

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Dragon Age: Knight Errant.

Marquette is a guest at Sebastian Vael's birthday party in Starkhaven. During the celebration, he gifts Sebastian with what looks to be a blue crystal skull, which he claims to have found while on an expedition that involved a temple under a lake. While Sebastian gracefully receives the gift, Ser Aaron Hawthorne proclaims that the piece belongs in a museum, and calls Marquette a thief. Marquette retorts that Ser Aaron is the more likely thief, as there have been a rash of thefts across Thedas in his wake. When Ser Aaron defends his honor by demanding that they settle this "like men," Sebastian intervenes to keep the peace.

Marquette changing masks

When Ser Aaron and Varric return from a walk outside, Marquette confronts them once again. When Seneschal Granger finally steps in to defend Ser Aaron, as a guest of Sebastian, Marquette leaves the party. He joins a group of Venatori soldiers, who have already infiltrated the palace and killed several guards to steal Sebastian's journal on red lyrium. Marquette says that no more palace guards should be killed, as it would seem improbable for one woman to have killed so many. He also reveals that he deliberately brought up the thefts in Thedas at the party to cast suspicion on Vaea. Marquette switches masks upon joining the Venatori. It is also revealed that they are working for a magister, and that Marquette was chosen because he had access to Sebastian's birthday party.

He appears later in Sebastian's chambers while Ser Aaron and Vaea are talking, and confesses to being the one responsible for the killings of the guards in an attempt to steal the journal. He leaves a dozen Venatori to take care of Ser Aaron while he pursues Vaea and the journal. However, Vaea outmaneuvers him and is able to defeat him, leaving him unconscious. Vaea later hands Cedric over to Granger to deal with.

Dragon Age: Blue Wraith[edit | edit source]

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Dragon Age: Blue Wraith.

Marquette retrieves an artifact out of Carastes, just before it falls to the Qunari. The Qunari actively pursue Marquette's caravan, wishing to take possession of the artifact themselves, but are stopped by Ser Aaron Hawthorne's group, who are hoping to follow the caravan all the way to Castellum Tenebris, the seat of House Danarius. Given Marquette's earlier success in stealing from Kirkwall for House Qintara, Magister Danarius hired Marquette to recover the red lyrium journal in Starkhaven, and to recover and decipher the artifact from Carastes. Marquette successfully deciphered the artifact, though he says that without the journal (which Vaea gave to the Inquisition), new methods will need refinement. He also claims that the artifact will grant unlimited power if used properly.

On the way to Castellum Tenebris, Marquette meets with Magister Nenealeus. Although the sarcophagus is designed for elves, they decide to use a human subject, with standard lyrium, to test Marquette's repairs of the sarcophagus, see what happens to humans, and get rid of Ser Aaron's group, spying on their meeting. When the first test subject fails to eliminate them, Nenealeus sends half a dozen more. While they fail to kill them, they buy enough time for Nenealeus, Marquette, and Shirallas to escape with the caravan.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • There are many easter eggs to the Indiana Jones series: Marquette's gift of a crystall skull, which he recovered in an underwater temple; the rumor that he once outran a boulder; Aaron's retort that the piece "belongs in a museum."
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