Cavril is an unscrupulous, but spineless, merchant who has set up shop in the Gallows to buy anything that Fereldan refugees might be selling (so they can pay to enter the city).

Background Edit

To set up his shop in the Gallows he had to bribe the city guards. In order to do this he went to Athenril, promising a share in his profits if they helped him secure his spot.

Involvement Edit

This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age II.

When Hawke arrives in Kirkwall they must work for Athenril or Meeran so that their group may enter the city. If Hawke decides to help the smugglers, Athenril will inform them that Cavril refuses to deliver what he promised her and sends Hawke to collect.

The player then has a choice to: Receive a bribe from Cavril, fight his guards to force him to pay, or have either Hawke or Aveline intimidate him.


Either fighting his guards or Aveline intimidating him will force Cavril to pay Hawke what he owes Athenril. Taking a bribe from him will force the player to go to work for the mercenaries because the smugglers will not take anyone who has double-crossed them.


During the quest Introducing Tallis in the DLC Mark of the Assassin, it is revealed, by reading a letter found on one of the dead Antivan Crows, that the ambush was arranged by Cavril. This will only occur if Hawke decides to work for Athenril and the smugglers. If Hawke chooses to work for Meeren instead, the ambush will have been arranged by the family of Friedrich.

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