Some of us know what honour and loyalty are.

Ser Cauthrien is a knight and Teyrn Loghain Mac Tir's most trusted lieutenant in Dragon Age: Origins.


As a youth working on her father's farm, Cauthrien became aware of a man being chased by bandits. After helping him fight them off, she found out that he was Loghain Mac Tir, the hero of Ferelden's war with Orlais. Cauthrien volunteered her service to Loghain, working her way up through the ranks with hard work and determination to become his lieutenant, a position in which she takes great pride.




  • [To the troops at Ostagar] Pull out! All of you, let's move!
  • You are very bold or very stupid to threaten the teyrn before witnesses. [to a Human Noble Warden who threatens Howe when meeting him and Loghain]
  • Don't interrupt, churl. Your betters are talking. [to the Warden challenging Howe]
  • Bring them down! Loghain wants the Warden, dead or alive!
  • [Confronting the Warden outside the Landsmeet] You have torn Ferelden apart to oppose the very man who ensured you were born into freedom!
  • You have torn this nation apart to oppose my lord, and never once tried to understand why he is a hero to Ferelden. [An alternative to the above]
  • Do not think you will get past me to desecrate the Landsmeet itself. The nobles of Ferelden will confirm my lord as Regent and we can put this to rest once you are gone.
  • Warden: Do you really not see what Loghain has become?
  • Ser Cauthrien: I have many doubts of late. Loghain is a great man, but his hatred of Orlais has driven him to madness. He has done terrible things, I know it, but I owe him everything. I cannot betray him, do not ask me to!
  • Warden: Then let me stop him. You know it is the only way.
  • Ser Cauthrien: I never thought duty would taste so bitter. Stop him, Warden. Stop him from betraying everything he once loved. mercy. Without Loghain, there would be no Ferelden to defend.


  • Courtesy of the Survival skill, Ser Cauthrien is listed as an Elite Boss in the first encounter during the Rescue the Queen quest. If she isn't slain while trying to arrest the Warden, she will attempt to stop the party from entering the Landsmeet, but this time she will be listed as a Boss.
  • At the Battle of Ostagar, when Loghain orders her to sound the retreat, she is seen with both a two-handed greatsword and a shield on her back.


  • If you kill Ser Cauthrien, recruit Loghain, and sacrifice yourself to kill the Archdemon, she still shows up to your funeral.
  • It is possible to get two of The Summer Sword if you manage to defeat and loot Cauthrien before being taken prisoner by the remaining guards in Arl of Denerim's Estate, she will reappear before the Landsmeet (Even if you get a Messy Kill against her and her head is removed!)
  • If you kill her in the Rescue The Queen quest but still fall to the Guards accompanying her she will still try to prevent you from entering the Landsmeet. This is easily explainable in most cases, as she may have just regained consciousness, but in certain kill animations you may remove her head!
  • If you try to persuade Ser Cauthrien not to fight you before the Landsmeet, your success will depend on your poison making skill, not on coercion. (Confirmed on PC, patch 1.04.)
  • If you allow yourself to be captured by Ser Cauthrien, if you return to the estate (For example, to complete the Correspondence Interruptus Quest) Then Ser Cauthrien, her knights and mage will sometimes still be in the room along with Anora and Erlina but they will not try to fight you. (Spotted on patch 1.04)

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