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|image = Ser Cauthrien.jpg‎
|image = Ser Cauthrien.jpg‎
|px = 270px
|px = 270px
|title = Ser, Commander of army of Gwaren
|title = Ser <br> Commander of army of Gwaren
|gender = Female
|gender = Female
|race = [[Human]]
|race = [[Human]]

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Some of us know what honour and loyalty are.

Ser Cauthrien is a knight and Teyrn Loghain Mac Tir's most trusted lieutenant as well as the leader of Maric's Shield, Loghain's hand picked elite force.


As a youth working on her father's farm, Cauthrien became aware of a man being chased by bandits. After helping him fight them off, she found out that he was Loghain Mac Tir, the hero of Ferelden's war with Orlais. Cauthrien volunteered her service to Loghain, working her way up through the ranks with hard work and determination to become his lieutenant, a position in which she takes great pride.


This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age: Origins.

Cauthrien is on the battlefield following the lighting of the beacon on the Tower of Ishal at Ostagar. Loghain tells her to order a retreat. Cauthrien tries to protest at first, but reluctantly gives in and orders the troops to pull out.

Once The Landsmeet has been convened, she will join Loghain and Arl Howe to confront Arl Eamon as well as Alistair and The Warden at the Arl of Redcliffe's Estate in Denerim. Later, Cauthrien will confront the party when attempting to leave the Arl of Denerim's Estate and try to apprehend them for the death of Arl Howe. The Warden can either surrender or fight her.

If Cauthrien survives the encounter, she will be met again at the Royal Palace outside the Landsmeet Chamber. She will attempt to to stop the Warden from interfering with Loghain and it is possible to fight her for a second time. However, the Warden can also persuade her to stand down peacefully.


See Ser Cauthrien (strategy).


The Summer Sword The Summer Sword


  • (To a Human Noble threatening Howe when meeting him and Loghain) "You are very bold or very stupid to threaten the teyrn before witnesses."
  • "You have torn this nation apart to oppose my lord, and never once tried to understand why he is a hero to Ferelden."
  • "Do not think you will get past me to desecrate the Landsmeet itself. The nobles of Ferelden will confirm my lord as Regent and we can put this to rest once you are gone."
  • Warden: Then let me stop him. You know it is the only way.
  • Ser Cauthrien: I never thought duty would taste so bitter. Stop him, Warden. Stop him from betraying everything he once loved. Please...show mercy. Without Loghain, there would be no Ferelden to defend.


  • Ser Cauthrien is listed as an elite boss in the first encounter during the Rescue the Queen quest. If she isn't slain while trying to arrest the Warden, she will attempt to stop the party from entering the Landsmeet, but this time she will be listed as a boss.
  • At the Battle of Ostagar, when Loghain orders her to sound the retreat, she is seen with both a two-handed greatsword and a shield on her back.


  • If you kill her in the Rescue The Queen quest but still fall to the guards accompanying her, she will survive and still try to prevent you from entering the Landsmeet. It is therefore possible to get two of The Summer Sword if you manage to defeat and loot Cauthrien before being taken prisoner by the remaining guards in Arl of Denerim's Estate. Conversely it is also possible to obtain The Summer Sword from her during Rescue the Queen and still spare her at the Landsmeet.
  • If you kill Ser Cauthrien, recruit Loghain, and sacrifice yourself to kill the Archdemon, she still shows up to your funeral.
  • pcpc (1.03) ps3ps3xbox360xbox360 When Ser Cauthrien tries to stop you again before the Landsmeet, the persuade option actually checks against Poison-Making, instead of the Coercion skill, but you can convince her to stand down. The intimidate option makes the right check, but you must make another intimidate or persuade check after that to convince Cauthrien that Loghain is wrong.[confirmation needed]
  • (1.04) If you allow yourself to be captured by Ser Cauthrien and return to the estate, Cauthrien and her soldiers will sometimes still be in the room along with Anora and Erlina, although they will not fight you.

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