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“I am Cathaire, disciple of Andraste and commander of her armies. I saw all these things done, and knew that He smiled on us.”

Cathaire was the commander of Andraste's armies during her war against Tevinter Imperium and one of her original disciples.


Cathaire is one of the eight spirits the the Warden encounters in the Gauntlet during the quest A Test of Faith. The shade was likely summoned from a ritual which involved Cathaire's immolation. In order to advance the quest the Warden will need to answer the following riddle proposed:

"No man has seen it but all men know it. Lighter than air, sharper than any sword. Comes from nothing but would fell the strongest armies. Of what do I speak?"

The correct answer is "Hunger". However, the choice" I don't know." is also an acceptable answer. If the Warden answers correctly the shade will disappear. If the Warden answers incorrectly, "Cathaire" will turn into an ash wraith and attack.


A Test of Faith A Test of Faith


  • "Yes, hunger was the weapon used against the wicked men of the Tevinter Imperium. The Maker kindled the sun's flame, scorching the land. Their crops failed, and their armies could not march. Then He opened the heavens and bade the waters flow, and washed away their filth. I am Cathaire, disciple of Andraste and commander of Her armies. I saw these things done, and knew the maker smiled on us."
  • "Perhaps you know nothing of suffering or war. There is wisdom in innocence, too. Go forward."


  • "Disciple Cathaire" is one of the few spirits that accepts the answer "I don't know".