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Current newsEdit

  • Henio0

    In an ocean of silence surrounding the production of the next Dragon Age, a droplet of news will seem like spotting a glimpse of land over the horizon.

    During their annual EA Play, in the segment about the "future of gaming", i.e. the next-gen consoles of PS5 and Xbox Series X, EA's Chief Studios Officer by the name of Laura Miele talks about using technology in EA's future games. She mentions BioWare, as images of what appears to be the next Dragon Age installment show on screen, and she says "BioWare imagines and creates worlds where you become the hero of your own story, and we're using this next generation of technology to make these fantasy worlds your reality".

    The full 50 minutes video can be watched here and the segment in question starts at 44:10. 

    Here are the screenshots of images shown in the presentation. Potential spoilers for Dragon Age 4 to follow, so be warned. 


    The first image appears to show some kind of a large tree, possibly in a graveyard, as there are urns and co…

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  • Lurooke Surana

    A new Dragon Age comic has been announced for release on January 15th, 2020.

    Entitled "Dragon Age: Blue Wraith", the 3-issue mini-series will feature Fenris prominently. According to a release from, "Dragon Age: Blue Wraith starts off with the fanatical Qunari seeking to topple the Tevinter mageocracy. Caught in the middle, one powerful young mage’s desperate search for her father brings her face-to-face with a notorious mage hunter—Fenris, the Blue Wraith."

    The creative team for the comic will feature writers Nunzio DeFilippis and Christina Weir, with art by Fernando Heinz Furukawa and covers by Sachin Teng.


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  • HD3

    Dragon Age: Tevinter Nights

    July 30, 2019 by HD3

    Good News Everyone!

    Behold our long silence is now broken and we are made whole once more. After a long silence we finally have some proper dragon age news for you, Dragon Age: Tevinter Nights, has been announced! Already there is a great deal of speculation that much like Dragon Age: The Stolen Throne, Dragon Age: Asunder and Dragon Age: The Masked Empire, this is the latest installment in bioware's trend of building up to the next game by doing a book about the setting beforehand to further flesh it out and build up hype. Unlike previous titles though, this one will not be a novel but rather an anthology of short stories set in Tevinter.

    So all of this has naturally furthered speculation that the game's setting will be in the Tevinter Imperium. On the cover is a depiction of a Grey Warden, a Qunari and an elf who seems to have similar marking to Fenris. So hopefully this will be enough to tide us over until the next game. Hang in there gang! Maker Watch Over You.

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