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Current news[]

Sports72Xtrm Sports72Xtrm 4 January

Honest Trailers does Dragon Age

Honest Game Trailers did a trailer about Dragon Age. What do you guys think?

Link Below:


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Kingsman28 Kingsman28 22 December 2020

New Dragon Age Comic

Dark Horse Comics just announced a new Dragon Age Comic focused on Fenris. It's entitled: Dragon Age: Dark Fortress.

The summary goes:

For Fenris' latest adventure, he is joined by Inquisition agents to prepare for an assault on an unbreakable fortress in yet another effort to save Thedas from unimaginable horrors. Can Fenris and this hardened group of warriors make it in time to stop Thedas from the verge of collapse once more?

First issue is set for a March 31 release.

Link for the article here: https://www.gameinformer.com/2020/12/22/fenris-and-the-inquisition-are-back-in-new-dragon-age-comic-series-dark-fortress?fbclid=IwAR0jV4ADsjDfOtemZ7-xIJuYmPczBC5-L9bFd_bu8-IYAHb60VNVKefaRj8

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Evamitchelle Evamitchelle 11 December 2020

New Teaser Trailer at the Game Awards 2020

BioWare premiered the new teaser trailer for the next Dragon Age at the Game Awards 2020!

While the trailer does not reveal the subtitle for the next game (if there is to be one), it clearly tells us that the next game will feature a new protagonist, one with "no magic hand, no ancient prophecies." Varric narrates the trailer, stating that he's got your back, indicating his return in the next game. As in previous trailers, Solas, under the name of the Dread Wolf, features as well.

Watch the trailer here!

BioWare Double Feature at The Game Awards
From the BioWare Blog
Being part of The Game Awards this year was so exciting for all of us here at the studio, and we hope it was for you too.

Earlier today we teased a little more about Dragon Age, giving you a glimpse of the story and some of its characters. And, surprise! Another team within BioWare has already begun pre-production on the next chapter in the Mass Effect universe.

Rich, branching narratives, choices with consequences, and intrigui…

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