Castillon's Landing is a large private harbor owned by Castillon on the Kirkwall Docks. It functions as the main base for his illicit operations within the city.

Quests Edit

Quest icon DA2 No Rest for the WickedIsabela's companion quest

Characters Edit

Character record icon da2 Castillon
Character record icon da2 Velasco

Notable items Edit

Ambrosia Chest

The chest containing Ambrosia

Ambrosia Ambrosia – Found in a chest in the office at the northwest corner of the area. It is required to craft Elixir of Heroism and to obtain the supplier achievement.
Plot item DA2 Incriminating Documents – Found in a chest in the southern office unlocked by Velasco's key.
Dagger gold DA2 The Pairing Knife – Dropped by Velasco if he is killed.
  • The crate hidden in a small alcove between a stack of brown and red crates (in the room trapped with saw blades) can contain 13 DAO goldpiece trans or more.
  • The two crates at the very end of the trapped room can contain as much as 4 DAO goldpiece trans and various random items.

Special objects Edit

There are 3 standard traps (20 cunning to detect/disarm – 100 XP each):

  • One at the bottom of the stairs.
  • Two near the flame trap trigger with an archer standing on it.
Castillion's Landing Map

Map of the area

Bugs Edit

  • pcIcon pcDo not loot Velasco until the battle is over and the cutscene occurs (in which Isabela says "let's look around"). Otherwise, Hawke may not get the key and will be unable to open the office door.
  • ps3Icon ps3Looting Velasco before the cutscene still awards the key, but the door to the office cannot be interacted with.
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