Castillon is a powerful Antivan merchant and part of the Felicisima Armada with a great number of legitimate and illegitimate business interests.

Background Edit

Castillon hired Isabela, the captain of Siren's Call, to transport slaves. The slaves were Fereldan refugees fleeing the Fifth Blight, who paid Castillon for transport. He took their money and sold them into slavery. When Isabela disobeys his orders and frees the refugees, he tasks her to retrieve the Tome of Koslun as a way of paying him back. Castillon hires Hayder to track Isabela's progress.

Involvement Edit

This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age II.

In order to meet Castillon, Hawke must convince Isabela to return at the end of Act 2 with the Tome of Koslun, and then refuse to turn Isabela over to the Arishok. This will unlock Isabela's final companion quest.

In Act 3 during the quest No Rest for the Wicked, Hawke and Isabela plan to find Castillon using one of his men. Allow Isabela to turn herself in and have the Champion follow her trail, leading to a warehouse on the Docks. Once there, Hawke, Isabela and party kill everyone in the warehouse and await Castillon's arrival. While waiting, Isabela advises searching through the warehouse for leverage, and the group finds documents outlining Castillon's plans to expand his slaving organization to the Free Marches. Castillon soon arrives and Isabela threatens to reveal Castillon's slavery ring plans to the Kirkwall authorities. She offers him an ultimatum: She will give the documents to Castillon on the condition that he leaves his ship to her and swears never to hunt her again. Hawke can either agree with Isabela's wishes or demand Castillon die for his crimes.

If you bring Aveline or Fenris along during this quest and choose the option allowing Isabela to give Castillon the documents and let him go, you will receive Rivalry small (+10) from both Aveline and Fenris. If you have Sebastian, you will receive Rivalry small (+5).

If you choose to kill Castillon, there is no change in approval.

Rewards Edit

Medium armor silver DA2 Cuirass of the Winds – according to the official guide. As of patch 1.04, it is not received, likely due to a bug.
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