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Castellum Tenebris is a fortress located near Neromenian in the Tevinter Imperium and the seat of House Danarius.


Castellum Tenebris has the reputation of being impenetrable. It overlooks the Nocen Sea, and is only accessible through a single bridge, well-defended by archers. Magister Danarius once had a secret tunnel leading out of the fortress, which he sealed after Fenris escaped for fear that his former slave would use the secret passage against him. Fenris suspects that Danarius had another one built, which would only be known to his most trusted servants.


Dragon Age: Dark Fortress[]

This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age: Dark Fortress.

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The plot follows BioWare's own canon, meaning it may not follow some of the player's choices in the games.

Tractus Danarius welcomes Magister Nenealeus, Cedric Marquette, and Shirallas into Castellum Tenebris. Now that they have all the elements necessary to carry out the ritual that will imbue Shirallas with red lyrium, Nenealeus questions the necessity of keeping Tractus around. He threatens to use Shirallas' skills as a mage-killer to have Tractus thrown out of his own fortress.

Tractus, drowning his sorrows in nearby Neromenian, is intercepted by Ser Aaron's group, looking for a way into Tenebris. After being tortured by Fenris, Tractus reveals that there is a new secret passage into the fortress, but that it can only be opened from the inside, and that they'll never make it across the bridge. Ser Aaron's group leaves for Tenebris just as the Qunari invade the city. As they learn of the ritual from Tractus, who was left alive but tied up in his room, the Qunari leader orders his troops to head to the fortress to stop the ritual and kill anyone they encounter there.

The Qunari subject the castle's gates to heavy bombardment while Ser Aaron's group directly attacks the Venatori in the courtyard. However, neither are able to stop the ritual from taking place. Shirallas emerges from the sarcophagus covered in red lyrium markings. To stop Shirallas, Fenris opens the castle's gates to let the Qunari in, on the condition that he and the rest of his group will be allowed to leave once the fight is over. After Shirallas is killed, the Qunari take control of Castellum Tenebris.


  • The stretch of coast near Tenebris and Neromenian is shrouded in darkness due to near permanent cloud cover. Storms are also frequent.[1]


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