You have usurped the Maker's creation. He made us both of the same matter, but you wear a crown and I a yoke. The world hasn't room for us both. For me to be content, you must be destroyed; and for you to be safe, I must be dead. ―The Elusive Iconoclast

Case: the Elusive Iconoclast is a limited pinned action card in Dragon Age: The Last Court. It is continued from the action card The Martyr.

Description Edit

She has spread discontent across Serault. She has drawn a fire-eyed mob to your gates. She has fermented heresy and rebellion. She must answer for her crimes... but with the minimum of further unrest. What is to be done with the Elusive Iconoclast?

Available actions Edit

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Visit the Iconoclast in her cell
You can hear what she has to say for herself: but if it becomes known that you visited her in her cell, her cause will grow stronger.
(Uses 1 action)
+3 Clues, +2 Rumors of Revolution


Investigate her chantry connections
She didn't learn her theology from haystacks and carthorses.
-10 Clues, unlocks Send her into retreat at the Abbey


Have her put to death
While she lives, her revolution will prosper. But executing her is risky. Andraste has long inspired an Orlesian affection for martyrs.
Difficulty: Rulership*6/7 (uses 1 action)
Success: +1 Secret, -??? Rumors of Revolution, -20 Clues


Send her into retreat at the Abbey
She'll be well-cared for, but secluded. Perhaps, in time, she will change her ways.
+1 Secret, -20 Rumors of Revolution, -20 clues


Poison her in her cell
(Requires 80 Scholarship, 1 Bag of Royals)
What if she died of a sickness? Oh, of course they'd suspect you. But if her body showed the signs of disease - you might even convince them that it was the Maker's judgement. It would be a despicable act. But Serault must be preserved. You could purchase the herbs and visit her in her cell. It's safest.
+1 Secret, -10 Rumors of Revolution, -1 Bag of Royals, +6 Twilight

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