Case: the Dashing Outlaw Strikes Again is a limited pinned action card in Dragon Age: The Last Court. It is continued from the action card The Dashing Outlaw Strikes Again, and unlocks The Cave.

Description Edit

A trio of merchants from Val Royeaux were ridiculed and robbed in the Applewoods. Their account suggests the Dashing Outlaw was to blame...

Available actions Edit


Ask the Dashing Outlaw what she knows of the robbery
She might even tell you the truth.
(uses an action)
-1 Favor from The Dashing Outlaw, +Cunning, unlocks Corner the robbers


Compile an account of the bandits
You have assembled descriptions from the merchants and others waylaid in the woods lately.
(uses an action)
-15 Clues, +Woods-wise, unlocks Corner the robbers


Corner the robbers
Finally, your investigation has uncovered the location of their lair.
(uses an action)
-20 Clues
The Cave

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