Once again I find myself in your debt...and your shadow.

Carver Hawke is Hawke's brash younger brother aged 18 years at the start of the game, and Bethany's fraternal twin.[1] Carver is a warrior who specializes in Two-Handed weaponry. [2]After the death of Malcolm Hawke in 9:27, Carver signed up for military service, and fought in the Battle of Ostagar.


Carver will have one of several facial structures, depending on which preset the player starts character creation with for their Hawke. His hair will always be black to prevent clash of dark skin and fair hair. The same applies for Bethany, Leandra and Gamlen.[3]


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Dragon Age II.

If Hawke is a warrior or rogue, Carver will be killed during the attack on Lothering when he charges an Ogre in order to protect Leandra.[4] However, if Hawke is a mage, then it will be Bethany who is killed by the Ogre, and Carver will survive and accompany his family to Kirkwall.[5]

Carver will be particularly bitter in Kirkwall. He feels no real connection to the city and feels Leandra is trying to force a past on the family that she had long left behind. As Hawke gathers money to pay for the Deep Roads expedition, Carver gradually sees why people fear magic. Having grown up surrounded by magic, Carver did not see it as something to fear, though he never truly understood it, until he witnesses the darker side of it from Kirkwall's blood mages. He eventually shows more sympathy toward templars, particularly after learning he was named after the templar who freed Malcom Hawke from the Circle.

If you bring Carver with you to the Deep Roads, he will contract the Taint. If Anders is present in your party, he will reveal that a group of Grey Wardens are nearby. Choosing to find the Wardens will allow you to save Carver's life, at the cost of his leaving to undertake the Joining. If you choose not to seek out the Wardens, or Anders is not with you, he must be put out of his misery. If he undergoes the joining Carver leaves your party for most of the game, appearing during the final battle with the Qunari and the Warden who rescued him. He will also be taken hostage in an effort to control Hawke during the final act of the game and Hawke will come to his rescue. Once you have decided where your allegiance is, Carver will seek you out and ask you to let him fight by your side, thanking you for saving his life, and following you through the remainder of the game. As a Grey Warden, Carver will be seen in the quest "Finding Nathaniel" in the Deep Roads fighting darkspawn, and he will either thank Hawke for helping him or start arguing about his sibling sticking their nose into everything (depending on your Friendship/Rivalry status) before being interrupted by Nathaniel who asks if they know each other.

If Carver is instead left at home when you set out for the expedition, he will willingly leave to join the Templars.

Carver can be seen during the Qunari invasion of Kirkwall. During the quest "Best Served Cold" he will be kidnapped by Grace and Thrask who are inciting a rebellion to overthrow Meredith, believing that The Champion is working for Meredith (even if the player decided to support the mages and Orsino). After the "Best Served Cold" quest, Hawke will recieve a letter from Meredith or Orsino calling on the Champion's assistance once more, asking them to come to the Gallows. The Champion will be greeted by a mage or a templar who will explain what happened and will send them towards Lowtown. Carver alongside the templars will be exactly the opposite to Bethany who will be with the mages. In a last attempt to make Hawke join the templars, he will ask if Hawke will fight his/her brother, giving Hawke the option of responding that Carver has been itching to fight them for a long time. When The Champion goes to confront Meredith, Carver with Cullen will side with Hawke, stating that he will not murder his brother/sister for her.


Act 1

Act of Mercy Friendship small Carver: friendship (+10) if Hawke attempts to coerce Grace and the others into joining the Circle. After they come out of the cave, Friendship small Carver: friendship (+10) if Hawke returns the mages to the Circle.

The Deep Roads Expedition Friendship small Carver: friendship (+10) if Hawke brings Carver along with him.
The Deep Roads Expedition: Agree to find the Warden's Friendship small : friendship (+5)

Enemies Among Us Friendship small Carver: friendship (+5) if Hawke kills Idunna after breaking the compulsion. Friendship small Carver: friendship (+5) when freeing Keran, if Hawke says he will tell the templars he may be possessed.
After completing Enemies Among Us Friendship small Carver: friendship (+5) if Hawke Says "I support the Templars" when talking to Knight-Captain Cullen.

Family History Friendship small Carver: friendship (+15) if Hawke chooses any option but the aggressive/direct ones.

Friends in Low Places Friendship small Carver: friendship (+5) if Hawke accepts Dougal's offer.

Loose Ends Friendship small Carver: friendship (+10) if Hawke gives the boy the goods and tells Athenril the truth; or if the quest was obtained from Meeran, if Hawke spares Lord Harriman and refuses to complete the job to kill him. Friendship small Carver: friendship (+5) if Hawke turns in quest to Meeran and tells him that the job was not done.

Shepherding Wolves Friendship small Carver: friendship (+5) if Hawke refuses to hand Ketojan over to the Qunari. Friendship small Carver: friendship (+5) upon returning to Lowtown and Hawke saying to Petrice "I don't care, just pay me".

Tranquility Friendship small Carver: friendship (+10) if Hawke lets Carver handle the Fereldans when walking out of Lirene's Fereldan Imports.

The Unbidden Rescue Friendship small Carver: friendship (+5) if Hawke agrees to rescue Saemus Dumar. Friendship small Carver: friendship (+5) if, upon returning Saemus to the Viscount, Hawke says Saemus is right to question.

Wayward Son Friendship small Carver: friendship (+10) if Hawke asks Fenris to make Danzig talk, and then kills him. Friendship small Carver: friendship (+10) if Hawke orders Feynriel to go to the Circle.


Act 1

When encountering Aveline and Wesley, choosing any answer yields Rivalry small Carver: rivalry (+5).

Blackpowder Promise Rivalry small Carver: rivalry (+5) if Hawke refuses to help Javaris.

Tranquility: Agree to help Anders because his friend is a mage Rivalry small : rivalry (+5)

Bait and Switch: Make It Worth My Time talking with Anso Rivalry small : rivalry (+5)

The Unbidden Rescue Rivalry small Carver: rivalry (+5) if Hawke refuses to rescue Saemus Dumar. Rivalry small Carver: rivalry (+5) if, upon returning Saemus to the Viscount, Hawke says Saemus went too far, or says they are both stubborn fools.

Wayward Son Rivalry small Carver: rivalry (+10) if Hawke lets Feynriel go to the Dalish.

Family History Rivalry small Carver: rivalry (+15) if Hawke chooses the aggressive/direct dialogue options.

Loose Ends Rivalry small Carver: rivalry (+10) if Hawke agrees to help Athenril; or if the quest was obtained from Meeran, if Hawke completes the job and kills Lord Harrimann after the latter explains he convinced the Viscount to send aid to Ferelden.

The Deep Roads Expedition Rivalry small Carver: rivalry (+10) if Hawke does not bring Carver along.

Enemies Among Us Rivalry small Carver: rivalry (+5) if Hawke says "The Order needs to change" when talking to Knight-Captain Cullen after completing the quest.


In Dragon Age II, you cannot change what armor your companions wear, but you can upgrade it. Carver's armor may be upgraded by using the gift mechanics in Dragon Age II. You will find companion armor upgrades that can be purchased at shops in the tab designated by the Gem Icon. Carver's armor has four slots available for upgrades. These upgrades may be purchased or found at various locations in the game. Upgrading a companion's armor once unlocks the "A Friend In Need" achievement and fully upgrading a companion's armor unlocks the "I Got Your Back" achievement.

Carver's armor upgrades can be found in the following locations:

If Carver joins the Wardens he will be wearing plate armor with the Grey Warden insignia on his chest. If Carver joins the Templars, he will be wearing the standard Templar armor.

Talent Trees


  • Bethany: Why didn't we run sooner?
  • Carver: Why are you looking at us? We've been running since Ostagar!

(alternatively, if Hawke is a mage and unable to serve in the king's army)

  • Bethany: Why didn't we run sooner?
  • Carver: Why are you looking at me? I've been running since Ostagar!
  • "You soulless bastards!" -- defending his mother from an ogre.
  • "What kind of daft bastard does that?" -- after learning that Gamlen left the Amell will in the estate's vault.
  • "If you've got a problem with my brother/sister, you've got a problem with me." -- to Fenris after he realizes Hawke is a mage.
  • "It's like Mother, taking everything out on us. She was just scared. I don't have a place in the life she is trying to bring back."
  • (After joining a male Hawke in Act 3) "The Hawke brothers together again just like old times."
  • Varric: (About Anso )"Bartrand used to be like that. Got jumpy every time he stepped outside."
  • Carver: "I'd pay to see that."


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  • Lukas Kristjanson wrote Carver for Dragon Age II.
  • Carver is related to the human Warden from the Magi Origin through his mother, whose maiden name is Amell.[6]
  • In the Xbox Official Magazine, he was incorrectly named Cooper [7]
  • At Ostagar, his commander was one Captain Varel, who may be the same man as Seneschal Varel of Vigil's Keep in Awakening.
  • In Act 1, Hawke will receive a letter addressed to Carver from a woman in Lothering named Peaches. If Hawke is male, Peaches will have an obvious crush on him which Carver clearly disapproves of, as he refused to introduce them. If Hawke is female, the letter makes reference to an implied sexual encounter between Carver and herself in Barlin's barn.
  • When talking to Leandra, she will reveal that she gave Eighteen years of loving and feeding, and raising to Carver, thus making him eighteen years old at the time of The Destruction of Lothering.
  • In dialogue at Gamlen's house, Hawke refers to Carver as the 'second child', implying Carver is the older of the Hawke twins.
  • In Act 1, during the quest named "Family History", Carver will find out that his namesake was a Templar who had allowed Malcolm Hawke, Leandra's husband, to get out of Kirkwall and have the family move to Lothering, in Ferelden.
  • During the battle with Meredith, Carver's hair may turn white.


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