Carver's dialogue contains a list of conversations he shares with his companions.

Carver and Anders

  • Anders: You don't like me, Carver?
  • Carver: I don't like you.
  • Anders: That's unfortunate. Hating someone just because they're a mage is a shameful thing.
  • Carver: I don't hate you because you're a mage. I hate you because you won't shut up about it.
  • Carver: Oppression this, templars that. I'd heard enough long before you.
  • Anders: Maybe it's time you put some thought into it.
  • Carver: What are you looking at?

If Hawke is male:

  • Anders: Your brother is a mage. As was your sister and father?


  • Anders: Your sisters are... were both mages, as was your father?
  • Carver: And I'm not. What of it?
  • Anders: Nothing, it's not always passed to all siblings. But it's good to know that you understand our plight.
  • Carver: Shove your plight.
  • Anders: I'm sorry about your sister. She sounds like a special girl.
  • Carver: Why? Because she was a mage?

If Hawke is female:

  • Anders: Your other sister says she was a good person. That she never turned down a chance to help people.


  • Anders: Your brother says she had a good heart. Being on the run never made her bitter.
  • Carver: Yes, yes. I'm sure the Chantry's got a shrine with her portrait on it.
  • Anders: I was trying to be nice.
  • Carver: Stick to surly. It works for you.
  • Anders: Nice day to be planning a trip into the Deep Roads, don't you think?
  • Anders: The Blight, the dampness, the festering darkness filled with tainted rats...
  • Carver: Shut up.
  • Anders: You've got a real chip on your shoulder, you know?
  • Carver: I've got a big blade on my shoulder, magey.
  • Anders: Right. Wonder what you're compensating for.

Carver and Aveline

  • Carver: Did you approve my application?
  • Aveline: I can't make you a guard, Carver.
  • Carver: We were both soldiers. Why won't they take me?
  • Aveline: I was an officer. And I follow orders.
  • Carver: (Laughs) No you don't.
  • Aveline: I also think of others before myself. You seem tired of that, and that's dangerous.
  • Carver: Just when it's not my choice. You told them not to take me, didn't you?
  • Aveline: Yes.
  • Carver: I'm surprised you still travel with us, Aveline.
  • Aveline: Carver, don't.
  • Carver: You're ever so busy with the guardsmen. It must be a burden to slum with the refugees.
  • Aveline: It's oddly comforting that you insult me like I'm family.
  • Carver: That wasn't... no, I didn't mean that.
  • Aveline: I know. But you should be glad that's how I took it.
  • Aveline: I don't like some of the people you've been associating with, Carver.
  • Carver: Talk to my brother/sister. He/She's the one in charge.
  • Aveline: Maybe, but I know you get around.
  • Aveline: This city's full of people who are dead set on ending badly. I don't want to see you end up the same way.
  • Carver: Would asking you to stop spying on me help in the least?
  • Aveline: No.
  • Aveline: So, Carver, have you thought about what you'll do if your expedition doesn't pay off?
  • Carver: This is our only chance and you know it.
  • Aveline: You're so damned proud you couldn't pick up a trade?
  • Carver: And who would take on a Fereldan apprentice? Maybe in another year I could work my way up to pissboy.
  • Aveline: Fine, let's crawl down some holes. Good bloody luck for your sake.
  • Aveline: Tell me, how did your family escape Lothering? Almost everyone who hadn't fled ...
  • Carver: My sister/brother. If she/he wasn't with us, I don't think we'd be here.
  • Aveline: But you seem quite skilled as well.
  • Carver: I'm not my sister/brother.

When talking to Aveline during A Friend in the Guard and ask, "Do you miss being a soldier?"

  • Hawke: This must be a very different pace from serving King Cailan.
  • Aveline: It's just one more change, though. The real end for me was Ostagar.
  • Aveline: What about you Carver? You were there. Do you feel something similar?
  • Carver: No.
  • Aveline: All right, then.
  • Aveline: Bit of a tit, your brother.

Carver and Fenris

  • Carver: So... this master of yours wants your markings back? Skin and all?
  • Fenris: So his hunters told me. Unwillingly.
  • Carver: So why not cover them up? Wouldn't that make you harder to find?
  • Fenris: Let them come. I am not one to hide.
  • Carver: Still, if it were me--
  • Fenris: It's not.
  • Carver: So you've really never thought of hiding from those hunters?
  • Fenris: To what end?
  • Carver: So you could, I don't know, have a life?
  • Fenris: What life do you have? There are no hunters after you at all.
  • Carver: I have a life!
  • Fenris: One that you complain about. We are not always free to do as we wish, as you should well know.
  • Carver: I do have a life.
  • Fenris: Then I stand corrected.
  • Carver: You're very different from other elves.
  • Fenris: Oh? You know them all?
  • Carver: No. I just... you look different. There's no denying that.
  • Fenris: It is what I am. And unlike the problems you claim to have, I really did have no choice.
  • Carver: Do we know anyone who isn't brooding every hour of the day?
  • Fenris: Like attracts like, it seems.
  • Carver: You know, Fenris, I have a tattoo.
  • Fenris: You have a what?
  • Carver: A tattoo. A lot of us got them before Ostagar. It's a Mabari. For strength.
  • Fenris: Does it curse you with the ability to reach into a man and tear out his insides?
  • Carver: Uh. I can make it bark.
  • Fenris: Please don't.

(Next line depends on the third companion present)

  • Anders: Yes, refrain.
  • Aveline: Agreed.
  • Isabela: Rather see it wag.
  • Merrill: That's... ew.
  • Varric: Seconded.
  • Hawke: (Sighs)

Carver and Isabela

  • Isabela: I saw you at the Blooming Rose the other night.
  • Carver: What? No you didn't.
  • Isabela: I suppose someone else stole your chin to romance Faith?
  • Carver: (Scoffs) That's unlikely. She wasn't even working.
  • Isabela: Mm-hmm. Got you.

The next line changes depending on your third party member:

  • Aveline: Carver!
  • Varric: Oh ho! Nicely done.

If one of the previous lines didn't trigger, and Hawke has not slept with anyone in the Blooming Rose:

  • Hawke: Carver, what would Mother say?
  • Carver: You're just... that's not what I... shit!
  • Carver: So, Isabela. You captained a ship? That's a lot of men to handle. For you to command.
  • Isabela: Well aren't you just adorable fumbling for a topic.
  • Carver: You say that like I'm harmless.
  • Isabela: As harmless as a pup that will someday grow into its fangs and sink them deep.
  • Carver: Sure, keep teasing. I'll show you how much of a pup I am.
  • Isabela: I know. That's why I do it.
  • Isabela: You look like a man I once dueled.
  • Isabela: He was a little intimidated by my reputation as a vicious pirate, but rose to the challenge.
  • Carver: He looked like me, you say?
  • Isabela: It went on all night, under the stars, the waves lapping at our ankles.
  • Carver: On the beach? In the surf? How did you get proper footing?
  • Isabela: We didn't. There was quite a bit of tumbling around, and we were soaked and sore by the time the sun came up.
  • Carver: Did you... win?
  • Isabela: I managed to get on top in the end, but I considered it a tie.
  • Carver: Why is it always about sex with you?
  • Isabela: It's not. Sometimes it's about sex with other people.
  • Carver: You see? It comes up every single time we talk.
  • Isabela: We're just talking, Carver. If it comes up, that's not my fault.
  • Carver: What? I mean... that's not what I meant. It... it doesn't!
  • Carver: I hate you so much.

Carver and Merrill

  • Carver: So, you're not like a lot of other girls.
  • Merrill: No, I'm an elf.
  • Carver: Right. All right then.
  • Merrill: Oh! Did I miss something dirty?
  • Carver: What? No! It wasn't dirty. It wasn't anything.
  • Merrill: Oh. Right.
  • Merrill: Because I miss a lot of dirty things and sometimes I wouldn't mind hearing them. (Laughs)
  • Carver: Would you now?
  • Carver: Your people came a long way, Merrill, but I like to think we have Ferelden in common.
  • Merrill: I never saw Lothering. Did you walk as much as we did? Probably more, you didn't start with halla. Our ship stunk.
  • Carver: Your ship?
  • Merrill: There was something foul in the hold. I can still smell it.
  • Carver: Oh. Well, that must have been unpleasant.
  • Merrill: It was.
  • Merrill: Did I miss another dirty thing?
  • Carver: No!
  • Merrill: Do you miss it? Ferelden, I mean.
  • Carver: Sometimes.
  • Merrill: Blackberries. They don't seem to grow here. And there were little songbirds with black caps on their heads.
  • Carver: I sort of miss the dogs barking.
  • Merrill: Yes! It's mostly been humans barking at me here. Not nearly as cute.
  • Merrill: How did you learn swording?
  • Carver: "Swording"?
  • Merrill: Those things you do with the sword. It looks tricky. Was it hard to learn?
  • Carver: It takes a lot of practice.
  • Merrill: Well, you seem good at it! I bet one day you'll be the best sworder in Kirkwall.
  • Carver: Merrill...
  • Merrill: I said something wrong again, didn't I? Maybe I'll just stop talking.

Carver and Varric

  • Varric: You know, Junior, it's eerie how much of a resemblance there is between you two.
  • Carver: (S)he's my sister/brother. Of course there's a resemblance.
  • Varric: Oh, you thought I meant Hawke? I was talking about Gamlen.
  • Carver: Maker, I hate you, dwarf.
  • Varric: You know, junior, you're looking at this all wrong.
  • Carver: Whatever it is you're about to say, I'm not interested.
  • Varric: I'm a professional younger brother. Trust me, the center of attention's the worst place to be.
  • Varric: When things go wrong, and they always do, that's where all the fingers point. Look at any kingdom in Thedas.
  • Varric: You've got people who warm thrones, and people who nobody sees who do the real work.
  • Carver: And my brother/sister is a king/queen in this scenario. Perfect.
  • Varric: Point. Missing it. Ah well.
  • Carver: Varric.
  • Varric: Carver.
  • Carver: Still think you're helping while burying us in debt to your brother?
  • Varric: Still riding side saddle while bitching at your betters?
  • Carver: Drinks later?
  • Varric: Never miss 'em.
  • Carver: Don't look at me.
  • Varric: What's the problem, little Hawke?
  • Carver: Don't call... just don't, all right? You're just looking for fodder for your stories.
  • Varric: You think you're that interesting?
  • Carver: I have enough trouble being overshadowed as it is. I don't need to get caught under an imaginary me, too.
  • Varric: Don't you worry. I'm not in the business of lullabies or children's stories.
  • Carver: I'm surprised these tunnels don't simply collapse.
  • Varric: Dwarves made them.
  • Carver: Then I'm surprised they're not smaller.
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