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“It seems I am again in your debt... and shadow.”

Carver Hawke (born 9:11 Dragon[1]) is Hawke's younger brother and Bethany's fraternal twin. He specializes in two-handed weaponry.


After his father died, Carver started down a military path and took part in the Battle of Ostagar, serving in the "third company under Captain Varel" according to Aveline. His fellow soldiers said Carver fought well, that they used him as a spear while they kept the darkspawn off his flanks. He had to be dragged from the fight when Loghain Mac Tir's betrayal forced the Fereldan army into a rout.[2] Carver returned to his family though they had to flee once the darkspawn attacked Lothering.


Carver's appearance varies with Hawke's facial preset and skintone

Carver has one of several facial structures, depending on which preset the player picks for their Hawke during character creation. The same applies for Bethany, Leandra and Gamlen.[3]

There are three base facial shapes that each family member can have. Hawkes using the default Hawke appearance or any of the first three presets will get the first head shape, Hawkes using the second three presets will get the second head shape, and Hawkes using the final three presets (or any modded presets past that) will get the third shape.

Each of the three head shapes has three variations - one with a pale skintone, one with a medium skintone, and one with a dark skintone, and each with a different hairstyle. Which of these variations is used by the game depends on Hawke's skintone; the first four skintones will result in the light-skinned version of Carver, the second four in the medium-skinned version, and the final four in the dark-skinned version. All versions of Carver will have black hair.


Dragon Age II[]

This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age II.

If Hawke is a warrior or rogue, Carver is killed during the attack on Lothering when he charges an ogre in order to protect Leandra. However, if Hawke is a mage, then Bethany dies instead while Carver survives to accompany his family to Kirkwall.

Carver in Kirkwall

Carver spends a year working with his elder sibling to repay their passage into Kirkwall. Carver is particularly bitter once in the Free Marches city. He feels no real connection to the city and believes Leandra is trying to force a past on the family that she had long left behind. Furthermore, part of Carver resents being overlooked and having to give up opportunities in order to protect his mage sibling from scrutiny. Even so, Carver cares deeply for his family and works for their welfare in Kirkwall. Carver and Hawke plan on joining The Deep Roads Expedition, in the hopes that enough wealth and influence will keep the templars from Hawke. As Hawke gathers money to pay for the Deep Roads expedition, Carver gradually comes to see why people fear magic. Having grown up surrounded by magic, Carver did not see it as something to fear (though he never truly understood it either) until he witnessed the darker side of it from Kirkwall's blood mages. He eventually shows more sympathy toward templars, particularly after learning he was named after the templar who freed Malcolm Hawke from the Circle of Magi. After amassing the fifty sovereigns needed to fund the expedition, Carver volunteers to join his elder sibling in the Deep Roads venture. His mother however, begs him to remain at home. Carver protests, but the final decision is made by Hawke.

Left home

If Carver is left at home when Hawke sets out for the expedition, he willingly leaves the Hawke family to join the templars. Carver believes that joining the templars is his chance to prove himself and escape his elder sibling's shadow. Though resentful for being left behind from the expedition, he tells Hawke he does not intend to reveal that they are a mage. His training and duties as a new templar prevent him from joining his older sibling throughout their time in Kirkwall. A letter reveals that Carver found his calling among the templars, though he is wary of the Order's extreme elements.

Encountering Carver for the first time as a Templar

During the First Battle of Kirkwall, he is present with Knight-Commander Meredith as she leads a group of templars in Hightown.

As hostilities between mages and templars increase, Carver is kidnapped by Grace and Thrask who are inciting a rebellion to overthrow Meredith, believing that the Champion is working for the Knight-Commander regardless of their allegiances in the mage-templar struggle.

During the Kirkwall Rebellion in 9:37 Dragon, Carver supports the templars who are tasked by Knight-Commander Meredith to annul the Circle of Magi. In a last attempt to make Hawke join the templars, he asks if the Champion will fight their brother, giving Hawke the option of responding that Carver has been itching to fight them for a long time. Hawke can also ask him if he's willing to fight his sibling as well, to which Carver responds that it isn't what he wants and begins to express doubts. Meredith reminds him of his duty as a templar. If the Champion sided with the templars, Carver expresses surprise that it was the Templar Order which brought the siblings closer together. When the Champion goes to confront Meredith, Carver and Cullen side with Hawke—Carver stating that he will not murder his sibling for her. Carver may help out Hawke during the conflict. He automatically joins his sibling if Hawke does not have a full party.

Taken on the Deep Roads

If Carver comes with Hawke to the Deep Roads, he contracts the Taint. If Anders was also brought along to the expedition, the mage reveals that a group of Grey Wardens are nearby. Should Hawke choose to find the Wardens, Carver is saved, at the cost of leaving his family to undertake the Joining. Hawke later learns that Carver survived the Joining to become a Grey Warden, but that the new recruit can't come back to the Hawke family. If Anders is not present, or if Hawke chooses not to seek out the Wardens, Carver must be killed.

Carver returns as a Warden

During the First Battle of Kirkwall, Carver appears as a Grey Warden passing through Lowtown with Stroud or Alistair and other Wardens. If Hawke tells Carver about the death of their mother, he tells Hawke that he already heard the news and he's sure that they did their best for her. However, he cannot join Hawke to save the city from the Qunari.

If Hawke is asked to find Nathaniel Howe in the Deep Roads, a Grey Warden Carver is seen fighting darkspawn. If Hawke has high enough friendship with Carver, Carver thanks Hawke for helping him; otherwise, he starts arguing about his sibling sticking their nose into everything, before being interrupted by Nathaniel who asks if they know each other.

As hostilities between mages and templars increase, Carver is kidnapped by Grace and Thrask who are inciting a rebellion to overthrow Meredith, believing that the Champion is working for the Knight-Commander regardless of their allegiances in the mage-templar struggle.

During the Kirkwall Rebellion in 9:37 Dragon, a Grey Warden Carver seeks out Hawke and ask them to let him fight by their side, thanking his sibling for saving his life. Carver is now content with his life as a Grey Warden and believes his actions can make the world a better place. He thinks he can start making a difference by aiding his sibling deal with the crisis at hand. When asked about how his role as a Warden could allow him to intervene when Grey Wardens are supposed to be neutral, Carver replies that Hawke saved his life and gave his life meaning by making him a Grey Warden; he won't thank his sibling by doing nothing while they start a war. If Hawke sided with the templars, Carver expresses surprise that Hawke, who is a mage, is helping Meredith annull the Circle.

Carver Hawke Alive and Well:
In the DLC Legacy, a deranged sect of the Carta tries to kidnap Carver due to his link to "the blood of the Hawke". Carver can travel with Hawke to a secret Warden prison in the Vimmark Mountains in order to find the source of the aggression and uncover the harsh truth about the Hawke lineage.

Dragon Age: Inquisition[]

This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age: Inquisition.

If Carver is still alive, the Inquisitor can ask Varric Tethras about his fate.

Carver became a Templar:
Varric states that he is still in Kirkwall, helping the Kirkwall City Guard keep order. A conversation with Hawke reveals that they sent their associate Aveline Vallen to take him far away from the Free Marches when they heard about templars acting strangely.

Carver became a Grey Warden:
Varric states that he was last seen on warden business near the border of the Anderfels. A conversation with Hawke reveals that they sent their associate Aveline Vallen to take him far away from Orlais when they heard about Grey Wardens acting strangely.

There is also a bottle of Conscription Ale with his name on it in Redcliffe Village, behind a masterwork locked door.

Either way, if Hawke lives after the encounter with Nightmare it is mentioned that they will likely reunite.

If Varric is in the active party he will allude to Carver's fate during the side quest Keeping the Darkspawn Down. He discloses that he knows someone who was afflicted by the Blight and in turn became a Grey Warden to avoid death, forcing them to fight darkspawn for the rest of their days. However if Carver died in the Deep Roads, Varric will mention this instead.



The Destruction of Lothering The Destruction of Lothering

Act 1

Birthright Birthright
Family History Family History

Mark of the Assassin

The Odd Ensign The Odd Ensign

Friendship and rivalry[]

See the approval page for more information.

As a result of the inferiority complex that has plagued him since childhood, Carver takes value in proving his worth to his family and comrades.

A responsible Hawke who keeps their family out of trouble and allows Carver to make his own mark on the world will gain friendship. Conversely, a Hawke who attracts templar attention by visibly challenging Kirkwall’s Chantry will frustrate Carver as he is adamant about an apostate Hawke avoiding the suspicion of the Order, thereby staying safe. As such, supporting the Chantry's actions and siding with Templars over mages in certain circumstances will net his approval despite his vocal disdain for the Templars themselves.

Carver values fairness and clemency as proven by his approval gains in Loose Ends and elsewhere, but does not believe his sibling should neglect their own self-preservation in the pursuit of mercy.


Attributes and the Friendship/Rivalry bar

Initial talents[]

Available talent trees Initially selected talents
Two-Handed Two-Handed
Vanguard Vanguard
Battlemaster Battlemaster
Defender Defender
Warmonger Warmonger Pommel Strike Pommel Strike
Templar Templar (Act 2)

Initial equipment[]

Weapons Longbar Blade Longbar Blade
Armor Carver armor.png Fereldan Man-at-Arms Issue

Armor upgrades[]

See also: Companion armor
Carver armor.png

An upgrade for Carver's armor, Fereldan Man-at-Arms Issue, is available in Act 1:

Fereldan Girded Plating Fereldan Girded Plating – in the Estate Vault during the Birthright quest. +(10%) armor

Restricted weapons[]

Lineage Lineage – requires Legacy

Restricted accessories[]

Recruit's Band of Distinguished Service Recruit's Band of Distinguished Service – requires Warrior Item Pack DLC
Copper-Bladed Star Copper-Bladed Star – requires Warrior Item Pack II
Amulet of the Enthusiast Amulet of the Enthusiast – requires Mark of the Assassin


This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age II.

From left to right: Fereldan Man-at-Arms Issue, Knight-Corporal Plate, and Plate of the Warden-Ensign

  • If Carver becomes a templar and re-joins Hawke's party during The Last Straw in Act 3 (or for the DLC), he wears Templar Knight-Corporal Plate, and use Grace-Maker Grace-Maker
  • If Carver becomes a Grey Warden and re-joins Hawke's party during The Last Straw in Act 3 (or for the DLC), he wears Plate of the Warden-Ensign with the Grey Warden insignia on its chest, and use Seeker of the Gray Seeker of the Gray
  • In both cases, the three previously unused armor upgrade slots are automatically filled, providing +(2 + 0.2 * LVL) strength, +(4 + 4 * LVL) health and +10 health regeneration rate. The two swords have identical appearances and damage, but differ in other stats.


Early concept art of Carver with blonde hair

Main article: Carver/Dialogue
  • (Defending his mother from an ogre) "You soulless bastards!"
  • (After learning that Gamlen left the Amell will in the estate's vault) "What kind of daft bastard leaves that behind?"
  • (To Fenris) "If you have a problem with my brother/sister, you have a problem with me."
  • "It's like Mother, taking everything out on us. She was just scared. I don't have a place in the life she is trying to bring back."
  • (About Carver's namesake in Family History) "A man who let him look ahead. It would always mean 'skill thoughtfully applied.' Not exactly 'master of all blades' but... Father actually thought there was worth to a swordsman."
  • "A hundred ways to run, and we choose backward. Whatever you say, but chasing an old name isn't really starting over."

This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age II.

  • (Templar Carver) "I'm a templar not a cleric. I'd prefer to stay in this world as long as possible. And if I can make it an ordered place without looking like a zealot, all the better."
  • (Grey Warden Carver) "The world is a big place, but the faces are the same. We do right here, we make a difference."

Codex entries[]

Codex entry: Carver Hawke Codex entry: Carver Hawke
Codex entry: Carver - After the Deep Roads Codex entry: Carver - After the Deep Roads

Note texts[]

Family Letters Family Letters (conditional)
A Letter For Carver A Letter For Carver (conditional)
A Message from Lothering A Message from Lothering (conditional)


  • Lukas Kristjanson wrote Carver for Dragon Age II.
  • Carver was named after Ser Maurevar Carver, a templar who played an essential role in hiding his parents affair and helped them escape Kirkwall to Ferelden. Carver can find out during Family History.
  • Carver is related to the human Warden from the Magi Origin through his mother Leandra Amell.[4]
  • In Act 1, Hawke receives a letter addressed to Carver from a woman in Lothering named Peaches. If Hawke is male, Peaches has an obvious crush on him which Carver clearly disapproves of, as he refused to introduce them. If Hawke is female, the letter makes reference to an implied sexual encounter between Carver and herself in Barlin's barn.
  • In dialogue at Gamlen's house, Hawke refers to Carver as the 'second child', implying Carver is the older of the Hawke twins.
  • In the Dragon Age II Demo, Carver is wearing the recoloured armor of the Kirkwall City Guard which is also worn by Hugh, during the expanded intro if he is present during it, despite the fact that he never wears it in the game. When Varric amends his story, Carver will be wearing his normal outfit.
  • During Act 1, if you take Carver to talk to the Arishok he sometimes says "we only had one Qunari in Lothering but that was enough", referring to Sten in Dragon Age: Origins.
  • During party banter, it is hinted Carver may be romantically interested in Merrill.
    • If Hawke romances Merrill, Hawke and Carver can have a brief in-party conversation during the Legacy DLC where Carver asks if Hawke and Merrill are together and then states (with some difficulty) he's "happy" for them, to which a confused Merrill asks if she missed something yet again. In the Mark of the Assassin DLC, he's more lighthearted about the development and suggests Hawke could tame a wyvern for Merrill, if she'd like.
  • In Dragon Age: The Last Court a man claiming to be Carver Hawke may appear during a marketplace draw (a special feature of the text game which will take 24 hours to reappear after activation or by spending real world currency).
  • Carver has a tattoo of a mabari that he can make "bark".
  • Bethany Hawke's dialogue during Legacy states that Carver ran away and enlisted in King Cailan Theirin's army at the age of 15. His father Malcolm Hawke was said to be proudly angry seeing him return and struggling to move in his armor.