I am the person appointed to stop all unauthorized access to the Circle Tower. Meaning you. Because you're unauthorized.

Knight-Captain Carroll is a templar whose mind has partially eroded by the use of lyrium. He has been set the task of guarding the ferry to the Circle Tower in Lake Calenhad Docks by Knight-Commander Greagoir.


Dragon Age: Origins

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Dragon Age: Origins.

Upon arriving, the Warden needs to convince him to ferry them to the Circle Tower, which can happen in multiple ways:

  • Choosing, "Your superior won't like that you've given me trouble," will succeed if you have three points in Coercion or enough Cunning instead.
  • Choosing, "I warn you, my patience is wearing thin," will succeed if you have one point in Coercion or Cunning's level to be 20 or more.
Note: Choosing either of these coercion-based options and failing will then cause the other option to automatically succeed, should you select it.
  • Selecting, "Can't we work something out?" will result in success if either Sten, Morrigan or Leliana is in the party. If none of them is present, the Warden may successfully bribe Carroll with 40DAO goldpiece trans.
  • If Shale is in the party, it will lose patience with Carroll early in the conversation, causing Carroll to ferry the party across without any further discussion needed.

Dragon Age: Inquisition

This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Carroll Red Templar

Carroll after prolonged Red lyrium exposure

Scribbled notes found by the Inquisitor while searching the Villa Maurel reveals that Carroll has joined the Red Templars, and has attained the rank of 'Knight-Captain'. Carroll is in charge of relations between the Red Templars and the Freemen of the Dales; deserters from the Imperial Army being used to advance the Elder One's agenda.

Carroll is encountered during the A Puppet Master quest.

After wiping out the Freemen's leadership, the Inquisition poses as a group of Freemen attempting to re-establish contact with their Red Templar sponsors. As the officer in charge of the operation, Carroll travels to the meeting at Lion's Pavilion in the Emerald Graves, where he is slain in battle with the The Inquisitor and their comrades.

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  • "No! I've one job, and one job only, and by the Maker's shiny gold cutlery, I will do it!"
  • "Oh, a Grey Warden treaty! So you're supposed to be one of those. Well, I've got some papers too! They say I'm the Queen of Antiva! What do you have to say to that?"
  • "Well, maybe... if you had forty sovereigns you're willing to part with... I know a girl in Wutherford and she'll only agree to see me if--er, never mind."


  • During the Precious Metals side quest, if you ask Godwin about why he needs so much lyrium, he will state that a number of the templars in the Circle Tower are developing side effects from lyrium addiction, and will mention Carroll specifically as an example.
  • At some point prior to the events of Inquisition, Carroll had wandered away from Kinloch Hold to the High Reaches near Minrathous. In his lyrium-addled state he thought he was hunting maleficars with his fellow templars, particularly with Knight-Commander Greagoir; in fact, he inadvertently aided a Qunari beresaad in tracking down a rogue Tal Vashoth with twelve Saarebas.[1]


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