I became a Grey Warden not because I wanted to save humanity from the Blight, but because I wanted to save myself.

Caronel is a city elf and mage. He joined the Grey Wardens after the Fifth Blight. He has honey-colored hair in loose curls,[2] and blue eyes with gold flecks.[3]

Background Edit

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Dragon Age: Last Flight.

Caronel grew up in Ferelden. Following the death of king Cailan Theirin at the battle of Ostagar, humans attacked the alienage and burned down the shop owned by his shoemaker parents and nearly killed them. At the time he wished only for revenge against the shemlen he saw as unjust.[4] Following this incident, Caronel fled Ferelden and later joined the Grey Wardens.[5] Following his Joining, he was assigned to Weisshaupt Fortress in the Anderfels.

After reports of unusual activities including an Ogre sighting, the First Warden sent Caronel and several other wardens to investigate the Red Bride's Grave, an abandoned monastery made out of caves. The Wardens discovered that the monastery had in fact become infested with animated skeletons and demons. The Wardens retreated but still lost half their number. Caronel was one of only three survivors.[6]

Involvement Edit

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Dragon Age: Last Flight.

Caronel is the Grey Warden assigned to organize Valya and the mage Warden-Recruits formerly of the Hossberg Circle. Caronel assigns the recruits to search historical records and documents from the Fourth Blight for anomalies under the supervision of the Chamberlain of the Grey.

Caronel is eventually confronted by Valya who demands an explanation as to why they have not been put through the Joining and questions the Wardens' willingness to protect them as they are not full members of the Order. Caronel admits that at present they need the recruits to complete their research into the archives and cannot afford the risky loss of manpower which the potentially fatal Joining would entail. He also concedes that because of his experience in joining as an act of desperation to escape persecution during the Blight, he is not inclined to rush the recruits through their joining while they still have a choice. Caronel also assures Valya that he will defend them against any pursuers if necessary.[7]

Valya comes to Caronel and asks him to lead her to the Red Bride's Grave, judging him to be the best candidate given his past experience there. Caronel protests when Valya refuses to disclose her reasons for wanting to go there but relents when she insists she will inform him once they have left Weisshaupt. Valya reveals that the Griffons died out after being subjected to a modified Joining ritual that left them all tainted, and that Warden Isseya sealed away a large clutch of griffon eggs in the Red Bride's Grave.[6][8]

Valya Crookytail

Reimas, Valya, and Caronel

Along with Valya and two other Warden-recruits, Reimas and Sekah, Caronel raids the Red Bride's Grave but encounters a large number of animated skeletons, including ones belonging to Caronel's late comrades and several shades. Caronel is injured by an ash wraith but is saved by Sekah's healing magic. Sekah himself is struck down and killed by the ash wraith. Partially recovered, Caronel together with Valya use frost magic to freeze the ash wraith while Reimas sets about shattering the demon with her waraxe.[8]

After advancing to the abandoned main chapel, Valya discovers the clutch of griffon eggs Isseya had concealed. Caronel uses his Grey Warden abilities to sense for any darkspawn taint in the eggs and happily replies that they are free of any corruption. Caronel watches with Valya and Reimas as the griffon eggs begin to hatch.[8]

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