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Map-Caridin's Cross

Map of the Area

NPC-Hired Goon

Hired Goon

Caridin's Cross is a crossroads within the Deep Roads, named after the ancient Paragon smith, Caridin.


Caridin's Cross was once the largest crossroads in the Deep Roads, connecting the city of Orzammar with many outlaying thaigs. It is now in a state of ruin, inhabited only by the darkspawn and deepstalkers, occasionally even a Deep Stalker Matriarch.

Travelers are advised to read the road markers, lest they become lost in the crossroads.

There is a darkspawn "fort" of sorts south of the starting point (in the middle of the crossroads), with three ballistae manned by genlocks watching the roads. Charging the position without first removing the ballista crews is rather dangerous. Fortunately, the area is small enough that a Tempest/Blizzard/Inferno will easily dislodge them.

A part of Topsider's Honor can also be found here.


  • Hired Goon: A goon hired by either Harrowmont or Bhelen (unless you are outwardly working for one and secretly betraying him by working for the other) will be waiting for you at the start of the area. After a brief speech, he will attack.


Items and Codex

Ico sack Bag of Limbs, Head in a Bag and Torso in a Bag, source: Small Bloody Sack
Codex Entry: Orzammar History: Chapter One, source: Rubble
Codex Entry: The Blights, source: Fire-pit
Codex Entry: The Crosscut Drifters, source: Rubble
Codex Entry: Thorn of the Dead Gods, source: Drifter's Cache
Ico gloves massive Effort's Gloves, source: Drifter's Cache
Ico ring Ring of the Warrior, source: Drifter's Cache
Ico dagger Thorn of the Dead Gods, source: Drifter's Cache
Tre ico totem Totem, source: Chest

Special Objects

  • Tripwires (Disarm for 40 XP and 50XP) Attached to exploding barrels.
  • Leghold Traps (Disarm for 40 XP) On the bridge, and just walking on that bridge will trigger the spawning of many Genlocks.
  • Ballista manned by Genlock to fire devastating missiles.
  • Road Markers "The words on this statue are too damaged to read. From what you can make out, it seems this was a memorial to a child Paragon"
  • A Glass Phylactery containing the essence of one of The Black Vials Revenants

Involved In

Ico Quest The Black Vials
Ico Quest An Admirable Topsider
Ico Quest The Drifter's Cache
Ico Quest Asunder


Ico Thaig Ortan Thaig, The southern exit unlocks the area.
Ico Orzammar Deep Roads, All exits open this travel map.

See Also

Ico Thaig Aeducan Thaig
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