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[[Category:The Mages' Collective]]
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[[Category:Origins Quests]]

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Careless Accusations is a quest received from The Mages' Collective Quest Board.


Track down and stop a small group of adventurers from giving false testimony of alleged blood magic.


After accepting this quest, you will have a random encounter as you travel across Ferelden's Wooded Glen. You will meet adventurers who intend to deliver a message to the Denerim Chantry about a Blood Mage spotted near the Brecilian Forest. It is possible to pickpocket the Adventurer Leader even if you don't fight him.

Possible Solutions

  • Persuade them to let you pass the message and send them home.
  • Intimidate them to turn around.
  • Stop them with violence.
  • Let them go.

If you let them go, you won't get the reward. Only when you stop them with violence will you get some extra experience and a chance on some extra loot from corpses and pickpocketing.


Return to any representative of the Mage's Collective for a reward, 2DAO goldpiece transand 175 xp. If you killed the Adventurer Leader he drops his ring the Seal of Rat Red. (+10 Mental Resistance, +10 Physical Resistance.)

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