Careless Accusations is a quest received from The Mages' Collective Quest board. Track down and stop a small group of adventurers from giving false testimony of alleged blood magic.

Walkthrough Edit

After accepting this quest, you will have a random encounter as you travel across Ferelden's Wooded Glen. You will meet adventurers who intend to deliver a message to the Denerim Chantry about a Blood Mage spotted near the Brecilian Forest. It is possible to pickpocket the Adventurer Leader even if you don't fight him.

Possible solutions Edit

Note: The Persuade and Intimidate dialogue options succeed even with no skills in Coercion.

If you let them go, you won't get the reward. Only when you stop them with violence will you get some extra experience and a chance for some extra loot from corpses and pickpocketing. When using Intimidate or Persuade to stop them you still get the usual reward (2DAO goldpiece trans) from the Mage Collective.

Battle Edit

As the mage is a creation one, go for him first, then focus on the Adventurer leader, stun/disable the Adventuring Warrior, kill the rogue and then finally kill the Weapon & Shield warrior.

Rewards Edit

  • ~175 XP for killing Adventurer Group.
  • 2DAO goldpiece trans and 175 XP from Mage's Collective.
Ico ring Seal of Rat Red (looted from corpse of Adventurer Leader)
Ico gloves massive Chevalier's Gloves (Rare loot from the Adventuring Warrior)
Ico armor robe Robes of the Gifted (Rare loot from the Adventuring Mage)
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