Calming Victory Rise is a side quest in Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Pits are piled with bodies, attracting spirits and causing undead to rise. To make matters worse, the pits are protected by magical barriers, preventing anyone from reaching the dead to burn the remains. Once all the bodies are burned, a signaling horn will alert Gaspard's troops that the undead threat to the ramparts has been dealt with.

Acquisition Edit

Obtained from Marhsall Bastien Proulx at Fort Revasan[confirmation needed] .

Walkthrough Edit

  • Set Fire to the East Pit
  • Set Fire to the West Pit
  • Blow the Signaling Horn

Victory Rise; a set of fortifications in the Exalted Plains, held by Empress Celene's troops, has been overrun by the undead. It can be difficult to count the numbers of the undead, as they rise from beneath the ground in waves repeatedly. An arcane horror guards each of the body pits. Once the horrors have been killed, the undead will stop rising and the pits can be burned safely. The elemental barriers on the pits must be destroyed before they can be torched.


  • 512 XP
  • 200 Influence
  • 2 Power


  • Victory Rise is retaken by the Orlesian Imperial Army.
  • The areas beneath Victory Rise can now be accessed safely which includes the room where the wounded chevalier is found to commence A Familiar Ring.


  • The following can be found in the barracks (north-west side). The barracks are indicated on the map with a quest marker:
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