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I'm raw. I'm untrained. And I still matched you move for move. You're scared of me.

Calix Qintara is the son of Magister Qintara, a Tevinter noble known for being reclusive.


This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age: Knight Errant.

Calix in reality a runaway slave. He was the one his master taught how to read and write, skills that assisted in escape. When the Venatori were defeated and his master died, to avoid being auctioned off, he ran away to Ventus and took the name Qintara.

It was there he began a life as a small time con-artist, to keeping himself fed.


This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age: Knight Errant.

Posing as the heir to House Qintara, Calix attempts to find a wealthy mark whom would be willing to pay him to transport his fictional estate out of the city before the Qunari invade. Unfortunately his first target is the experienced con artist Olivia Pryde. Olivia quickly unravels Calix's disguise and warns him to stay out of her way, despite the suggestion that they work together instead. Calix attempts to con Dorian Pavus instead, but fails and is forced to leave the tavern. Inciting a nearby mage and her friends against Olivia on the grounds she falsely besmirched his reputation, he briefly forces her to flee before encountering her again.

When Olivia again rebuffs his suggestion that they work together, they instead decide to resolve their dispute with a contest: whomever can first con a noble out of one of their possessions is the victor and the loser must leave town. Calix flirts with Franchesca Invidus and manages to convince her to give him a token. However Olivia reveals she has already grifted Franchesca's brother, Florian. In a fit of pique, Calix shouts that Olivia is a con artist to the crowd while she responds in kind. Both are forced to flee through the city when they encounter Ser Aaron Hawthorne.

While Dorian manages to distract the Invidus siblings with promises of a proper Magister investigation, Ser Aaron introduces Vaea, who is looking to steal from the Qintara Estate. However, to do so they require the floor plans. Olivia and Calix agree to get the floor plans, with the alternative being turned in by Dorian.


Calix and Olivia attempt to enter the Ventus Vault

Calix makes a deal with two Antivan Crows to create a distraction, in exchange for retrieving something from the official city records vault for them as well. Using Calix's fake identity as the son of Magister Qintara and Olivia's Magister Aaramis, they are able to retrieve the floor plans and return to Ser Aaron and Vaea without issues.

Back at the tavern, Calix and Olivia talk over a glass of wine, and Calix shares with her that Calix is in fact his true name, and his story of going from slave to con-artist. Olivia tells him she is impressed by his drive to survive, and kisses him. The two retreat to a private room.

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