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I'm raw. I'm untrained. And I still matched you move for move. You're scared of me.

Calix Qintara (born 9:21 Dragon[1]) is the son of Magister Qintara, a Tevinter noble known for being reclusive.

Background[edit | edit source]

This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age: Knight Errant.

In reality, Calix is a runaway slave. He was the one his master taught how to read and write, skills that later assisted in escape. When the Venatori were defeated and his master died, to avoid being auctioned off, he ran away to Ventus and took the name Qintara. It was there he began a life as a small time con-artist, to keep himself fed.

Involvement[edit | edit source]

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The plot follows BioWare's own canon, meaning it may not follow some of the player's choices in the games.

Dragon Age: Deception[edit | edit source]

This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age: Knight Errant.

Posing as the heir to House Qintara, Calix attempts to find a wealthy mark whom would be willing to pay him to transport his fictional estate out of the city before the Qunari invade. Unfortunately his first target is the experienced con artist Olivia Pryde. Olivia quickly unravels Calix's disguise and warns him to stay out of her way, despite the suggestion that they work together instead. Calix attempts to con Dorian Pavus instead, but fails and is forced to leave the tavern. Inciting a nearby mage and her friends against Olivia on the grounds she falsely besmirched his reputation, he briefly forces her to flee before encountering her again.

When Olivia again rebuffs his suggestion that they work together, they instead decide to resolve their dispute with a contest: whoever can first con a noble out of one of their possessions is the victor and the loser must leave town. Calix flirts with Francesca Invidus and manages to convince her to give him a magical focusing gem. Just as he receives the gift, Olivia and Florian interrupt them. Olivia attempts to expose Calix by asking that he perform a magical demonstration of the gem's power. In a fit of panic, Calix shouts that Olivia is a con artist to the crowd while she responds in kind. Both are forced to flee through the city when they encounter Ser Aaron Hawthorne.

While Dorian manages to distract the Invidus siblings with promises of a proper Magister investigation, Ser Aaron introduces Vaea, who is looking to steal from the Qintara Estate. However, to do so they require the floor plans. Olivia and Calix agree to get the floor plans, with the alternative being turned in by Dorian.

Calix and Olivia attempt to enter the Ventus Vault

Calix makes a deal with two Antivan Crows to create a distraction, in exchange for retrieving something from the official city records vault for them as well. Using Calix's fake identity as the son of Magister Qintara and Olivia's "Magister Aaramis", they are able to retrieve the floor plans and return to Ser Aaron and Vaea without issues.

Back at the tavern, Calix and Olivia talk over a glass of wine, and Calix shares with her that Calix is in fact his true name, and his story of going from slave to con-artist. Olivia tells him she is impressed by his drive to survive, and kisses him. The two retreat to a private room.

Following sex, Olivia tells Calix not to make anything more of it beyond "fun," and has no intention of ever seeing him again after finishing their work together. She then leaves him upset at the rejection.

The next morning, Calix attempts to copy Olivia's sudden kiss on him with Vaea, who quickly shoves him away. The four regroup to go over their plan, and Vaea suggests they put their interpersonal problems aside to focus on the task at hand.

After Vaea successfully breaks them into the Qintara estate, she leaves Calix, Olivia and Ser Aaron behind to guard the exit, where Calix overhears Francesca demand an audience with Qintara, and finds out the Antivan Crows killed her brother Florian. When Francesca discovers that Magister Qintara has in reality been dead for years, and instead an elven spy has been pretending to be him, Aaron and Calix run to rescue rescue Francesca. She is forced to accept their help when an army of qunari break into the estate.

Calix flees, leaving Olivia behind

Calix suggests they flee, and Olivia volunteers to act as a distraction for the rest to escape by pretending to be Magister Qintara. Calix refuses to let Olivia sacrifice herself, but relents when Aaron says he will drag him to safety if he must. Olivia's last instruction to her mabari, Autumn, is to protect Calix.

Calix, Francesca, Aaron and Vaea successfully fleeing the burning city. Francesca relents that she has nothing and no one, to which Calix says she is welcome to go with them. When she responds by saying she still hates him, and that she doesn't even know his real name, he tells her that his name is Calix Pryde.

Dragon Age: Blue Wraith[edit | edit source]

This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age: Knight Errant.

In their mission to find Castellum Tenebris and the red-lyrium weapon, Tessa, Marius, Vaea, and Ser Aaron attack the Qunari pursuing Cedric Marquette, fleeing from Carastes with an artifact he was hired to recover by Magister Danarius. Calix does not participate in the fight, looking from the sidelines with Francesca Invidus and Autumn. When he finally convinces her to use her magic to help, she kills the remaining half-dozen Qunari with a single spell. Calix remarks that he's glad she's on their side, but Francesca retorts that she is not, and that she still holds him responsible for the death of her brother. As she leaves the group, Vaea argues that they need to talk to her, and that Calix would be a big help, but he refuses to go. Although he initially refuses to let Autumn go with Vaea, as it was Olivia's last wish that she stay with him, he quickly relents. With Ser Aaron, Marius, and Tessa, Calix keeps following Marquette's caravan to Tenebris.

On the way to the fortress, he tells Ser Aaron that he's angry Autumn left, but remarks that maybe she made the right choice, as he's not the kind of person who would sacrifice his life for the greater good. Soon after, Marquette meets with Magister Nenealeus, Marius' former master and the one who made him a mage-killer. They test the sarcophagus on a human subject; the man, wraithlike and glowing blue, attacks Ser Aaron's group as they attempt to follow the caravan. Unstable, he explodes shortly after.

Calix and Autumn's last goodbye

Ser Aaron's group attempts to follow the caravan once again, but they are set upon by Qunari, then more unstable test subjects. Calix suggests that they let the two group take each other out, a suggestion that works out well. Once the battle over, Calix says that he's not built for this and decides to leave. When he moves to give back the focusing gem that he conned out of Francesca the first time they met, she tells him to keep it, and use it to set himself up in Fort Viridan. Calix gives Autumn his blessing to stay with the group, telling her to find her purpose. He then leaves the group, though he promises to give them information should they ever need it.

References[edit | edit source]

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