The sacrifice we thought we were making was only the beginning; the real cost was much higher than either of us imagined.

Calien d'Evaliste was a member of the Antivan Crows who lived during the Exalted Age. He spent several years assisting the Grey Wardens in battling the darkspawn during the Fourth Blight although he never undertook the Joining and became a member of the order himself.[1]

Background[edit | edit source]

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Dragon Age: Last Flight.

Calien is a member of the Antivan Crows and an apostate. When the templars were pursuing an apostate Blood Mage into Antiva, they contracted the Crows to eliminate her. The Crows found the apostate in Treviso, posing as a flower seller, only to discover the reason why the templars would not confront her; she was an abomination. Calien and the abomination were the only survivors of the battle and the latter was near death. The demon possessing the female mage attempted to bargain, offering the secrets of blood magic in exchange for healing its host. Calien accepted its offer, but after receiving the knowledge, only healed the abomination slightly before stabbing her in the heart, determined to uphold the Crows' reputation for honouring their contracts & to keep his own word.[2]

Involvement[edit | edit source]

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Dragon Age: Last Flight.

Calien was with the royal court of King Elaudio and Queen Giuvana while the darkspawn laid siege to Antiva City. When it became apparent that the royal couple's decision to try and defend the city had left them without adequate time to retreat, the Antivan Royal Guard turn on them killing the king and attacking the court and the Grey Wardens. Calien is present but elected not to assist either the Royal Guard or the Grey Wardens. Afterwards he is assigned to Garahel and his griffon, Crookytail, as their passenger evacuee. As the Wardens flee Antiva, they are attacked by the Archdemon, Andoral, where Calien is instrumental in helping the wardens escape by distracting the Archdemon with his magic. With Calien's help, the surviving Wardens and their passengers escaped to Wycome. After the Wardens withdrew from Wycome, Calien decided to travel with them to the Anderfels to help them combat the darkspawn there, where he aided them for seven years. [3]

Calien became a friend and mentor to Isseya, an Elven Warden mage. Isseya eventually realized Calien was a blood mage and asked him to use blood magic to induce a lone Genlock's mind so it would flee back to the Deep Roads entrance that the darkspawn were using to send troops to lay siege to Hossberg. Thanks to Calien's magic the Warden's located the entrance after which Isseya asked Calien to teach her blood magic. [4]

Calien continued to travel with Isseya and assisted the Grey Wardens with the evacuation of Kirkwall and with the final conflict at the Battle of Ayesleigh. [5]

Following the Blight's end, Calien returned to Antiva to help rebuild his homeland. Eventually, Isseya came to visit him asking for his help in curing the griffons, who had contracted a variant of the Blight disease that was slowly killing off the species as a result of her Joining ritual that forced the griffons to accept the darkspawn taint through blood magic. Calien declined to help, reminding her that there is always a price to blood magic and that he had given it up himself; currently, the Circle of Magi was turning a blind eye to apostate mages who fought the Blight but that would vanish the instant he succumbed to blood magic. He advised Isseya to find the answer on her own, as she was the one who created the problem but that she also had a history of accomplishing things others had deemed impossible. [6]

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