The calendar in Thedas consists of twelve thirty-day months. Four annums split the year, signifying the transition between seasons. A fifth annum celebrates the start of a new year. Although each month has a name in the language of Ancient Tevinter, the people of Ferelden commonly use the "low" names, shown below.

Months and Annums

  • Annum: First Day
  • First Month: Wintermarch
  • Annum: Wintersend
  • Second Month: Guardian
  • Third Month: Drakonis
  • Fourth Month: Cloudreach
  • Annum: Summerday
  • Fifth Month: Bloomingtide
  • Sixth Month: Justinian
  • Seventh Month: Solace
  • Annum: Funalis
  • Eighth Month: August
  • Ninth Month: Kingsway
  • Tenth Month: Harvestmere
  • Annum: Satinalia
  • Eleventh Month: Firstfall
  • Twelfth Month: Haring


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