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“So... do we have a deal? Even you must admit it's much better than resorting to barbarism, yes?”

Caladrius is a Tevinter slaver driver who is working with Regent Loghain Mac Tir during the events of the Fifth Blight.


This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age: Origins.

Caladrius is the leader of the slavers behind the Unrest in the Alienage that the Warden is sent to investigate. He knows who the Warden is as well as Alistair, if he's in the party. Caladrius has documents proving Loghain's complicity in the slave trade that the Warden must obtain. The Warden can negotiate with Caladrius, allowing him to live, or choose to fight him. The negotiation is 100Gold from the Warden in exchange for a letter from him implicating Loghain, and permission from the Warden to take the remaining slaves when he leaves. This deal however is not looked upon favorably by a number of companions.

If the Warden elects to refuse the deal, Caladrius and his minions will attack. When low in health, Caladrius may use Blood Sacrifice, killing one of his own men in order to restore a portion of his life (Devera may also be sacrificed). Once defeated, he will offer to use blood magic to sacrifice all of the slaves around him, improving the Warden's health. Wynne (if in the party at the time) will also warn the Warden that Caladrius is talking about blood magic. Most characters disapprove of the sacrifice, which grants the Warden +1 Constitution. However, Sten states that this is a prudent choice, and Morrigan disapproves if the offer is declined. Alternatively the Warden can just let him go or kill him.

If Caladrius is killed, the Robes of the Magister Lords can be looted from his body. Furthermore, a random master rune can be stolen during the fight or looted from his body. There is a rare chance that instead of a master rune, a grandmaster version will be found.


Unrest in the Alienage Unrest in the Alienage

Notable loot[]

Robes of the Magister Lords Robes of the Magister Lords


  • "Now, now, is this how we begin? With bluster? I was hoping for... civility."
  • "One can scarcely get a word besides 'Warden' out of Regent Loghain these days. It's surpassed even 'gold' in popularity."


  • Warden: If I accept help from you, how am I better than Loghain?
  • Caladrius: You're not. Did I say you were? I am simply hoping the world is... full of pragmatists, shall we say?