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Cahir is a Chasind mercenary. He is Duke Prosper's personal bodyguard.


In Mark of the Assassin, when Hawke is in the Chateau Haine dungeons, there is the choice to escape by traveling through a tunnel system under the mountain or fighting through the chateau.

If Hawke chooses to go up the stairs into the Vaults, Duke Prosper will ambush the Champion and leave Cahir to eliminate him/her. Cahir, irritated at being abandoned, will then leave the fight to Prosper's soldiers to unleash the "pets." After this, Hawke will be forced to continue on through the tunnels.

In the caves, Cahir will trap Hawke and his companions while separating Tallis from the group, challenging Hawke for his own interests. He is accompanied by his "pets," a group of crazed mages he claims responsibility in having broken. The Chasind will then attack.


At the end of the fight, Hawke and the others kill Cahir and can escape the caves.


Ico Money Money 86 DAO silverpiece trans, 18 DAO bronzepiece trans
Portcullis Key
Battleaxe green DA2 Dragon's Breath
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