Caged Confession is a side quest in Dragon Age: Inquisition

After Louis was captured by the red templars, he wrote a note confessing to the murder of his wife's brother, Garde.


Obtained when a Written Confession is found in Sahrnia Quarry in Emprise du Lion. Found near the information needed for Cullen's companion quest Before the Dawn.


Return to Sahrnia with Louis' note. When you approach Louis and Linette you will be presented with a choice - give the confession to Louis to keep his secret or give the confession to Linette so she learns the truth. Your decision does not affect the quest rewards.

If you give the letter to Louis:

If you talk with Linette and choose the "Louis killed your brother" dialogue option, the quest will complete, she obviously learns the truth and asks you to leave.

If you talk with Linette and choose the "Things will be better now" dialogue option, the quest will complete and she does not learn the truth.


  • 331 XP
  • 150 Influence
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