Caer Bronach is a keep in Crestwood.

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King Brandel erected Caer Bronach in 8:26 Blessed, intending the fort as a stopover garrison for Fereldan soldiers fighting Orlesian invaders.
—Excerpt from the Codex entry: Caer Bronach

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Caer Bronach has since become the base of a group of bandits named the Highwaymen, who prey on traders going between Orlais and Ferelden.

This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age: Inquisition.

The Inquisitor can capture Caer Bronach for use by the Inquisition during the side quest Capturing Caer Bronach. Capturing the Keep is vital to completing the quest Still Waters as this is the only way to reach the dam controls, which are needed to drain the lake.

Charter recieves orders to acquire Marius and Tessa Forsythia for the Inquisition at Caer Bronach and the keep is later used as a rendevouz following their raid on the Hissing Wastes.

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Quest icon DAI Capturing Caer Bronach
Quest icon DAI High Stakes
Quest icon DAI Still Waters
Quest icon DAI Weeding Out Bandits

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Quest icon DAI Rift at Caer Bronach

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Quest icon DAI Escape Routes for Agents in Crestwood
Quest icon DAI Expose the Double Agent
Quest icon DAI Rescue the Spy
Quest icon DAI Diverting Soldiers in the Frostbacks

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Landmark icon Landmarks in Crestwood

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Mosaic Pieces icon Freed Are Slaves – Through the door to the right of the requisition table. This room cannot be accessed until the keep is captured.

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Deep Mushroom icon Deep Mushroom

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Healing Mist recipe icon Healing Mist Grenade Recipe – Looted after defeating Snowball in the cave under the keep.
DAI sack Sad Splinters – Looted after destroying the keep gate during Capturing Caer Bronach.
The Last Stand icon The Last Stand – Looted from the Highwayman Chief during Capturing Caer Bronach.
Demon-slaying rune schematic icon Master Demon-Slaying Rune Schematic – Sold by the Caer Bronach Merchant for
1844 Currency (Inquisition).
Thunderstrike icon Thunderstrike – Randomly sold by the Caer Bronach Merchant for
8572 Currency (Inquisition). Requires The Short List Inquisition perk.

Codex entries Edit

Codex icon DAI Codex entry: Caer Bronach
Codex icon DAI Codex entry: Hard in Hightown: Chapter Three
Codex icon DAI Codex entry: Hard in Hightown: Chapter Four
Codex icon DAI Codex entry: A Magister's Needs

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