The Cadash Thaig was once home to the Cadash House.



Locations Of Interest

  • Big Stone Statue (North)
Note: These locations are not marked on your mini-map with a cross; rather their approximate location relative to the main road will be included.


Items and Codex Entries

Blood-Gorged Amulet Blood-Gorged Amulet, source: Hurlock Emissary
Cadash Stompers Cadash Stompers, source: Drop Ogre Alpha
Ico Dead Thaig Shanker Dead Thaig Shanker, source: Broken Chest
Tre ico ruby Remarkable Ruby, source: Drop Ogre Alpha
Codex Entry: Shale, update, source: Golem Monument

Note: Not all Crystals in these drops will be Brilliant, they are scaled to The Warden's Level.

Involved In

Ico Quest A Golem's Memories


Ico Orzammar Deep Roads
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