Cadash Stompers are medium boots in The Stone Prisoner DLC for Dragon Age: Origins.

Acquisition[edit | edit source]

Dropped from the Ogre alpha in Cadash Thaig when you are completing Shale's personal quest, A Golem's Memories.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Increases hostility on these boots add 5 additional points of threat per hit for the user. This effect is different from Increases hostility and intimidation found on Ageless. The per-hit additional threat effect on these boots is working properly.
  • These boots are listed as light boots on pcPC in earlier patches.
  • Despite being classified as medium armor, these boots are made of a material typically used by light boots. They also have unique stats, with similar armor to heavy boots, a strength requirement between those of light and medium, and fatigue in-between most medium and heavy boots.
  • ps3ps3xbox360xbox360 When you import your Origin character into Awakening, the Cadash Stompers are not imported and are removed from your inventory. If the Warden had it equipped, they are replaced with generic boots when Awakening begins.
  • These boots will import to Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening on pcPC.
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